Happy Ending: A Clichéd Light-Hearted Rom-Com Sans Melo-Drama

There are ample of love stories around, in fact there are ample of stories around, but a writer just needs to have an eye for it. Absorb in these stories and seam them into a word, that’s the formula. And the film Happy Ending cashes on this formula albeit in a filmy style.

This 136 minute film is about the lives of two writers who come together to give us a realistic love story. It is a story about romantic-comedies which have flooded the Indian cinema off late. However, that’s just a bird’s eye view. Yudi (Saif Ali Khan) happens to be a successful writer (read: once upon a times successful writer). His book is a major hit and that gives way to all his notorious deeds. He is commitment phobic and highly “addictive.” Every girl he pataos ultimately falls in love with him and he cannot commit himself to such a melodramatic life. He is carefree and a spendthrift. But this leads to his downfall. He is overrun by debts and the publishing house cancels his contract. But when there’s no hope in his life, enters his inspiration, Aanchal (Ileana D’cruz). Inspiration or luck but one look at her and the next thing is that he gets a job as a scriptwriter for superstar Aramaan ji’s (Govinda) film. What follows is this writer trying hard to do away with the writer’s block and come up with a romedy (rom-com) suitable for multiplex viewers.

While this unfurled story looks to be charming, it in fact lacks enough gloss. Yes, it is cliché although realistic (well, it attempts to bring the film closer to reality.) However, the unnecessary sequences dull out its charisma. The film is fun sans melodrama. Even though it has the same old jokes cracked and laughed at by the leads yet the dialogues are witty. The film shows plain reality but doesn’t give away if Yogi happens to be Yudi’s alter-ego or a twin. For now, let’s just consider him an alter-ego. This character may be given lesser space yet it tickles our funny bone with the sly remarks.

The film is shot on exotic locations which add no zing to the film since the story could have come from any city, state or nation. On some level the film resonates Love Aaj Kal. The film comes off as a light-hearted comedy which is light on comedy. It is subtle but not nuanced and not even unique. It dulls down in some places, then picks up pace, then dulls down as if it were a leitmotif to keep the audience glued. Speaking of the humor, we believe it could have been crisper. Having Govinda in this foray and yet not delivering a laugh riot is a sin! Alas, the talent of this star wasn’t used to the fullest. However, he is captivating nonetheless. While the other stars of the film are over-shadowed by Yudi’s character, a special mention should be made about Ranvir Shorey. He pulls off a great act as Yudi’s BFF and a frustrated husband.

The music album of the film has fun, foot-tapping numbers, even Jaise tu mera happens to soothe your nerves.

Overall the film is a loosely scripted, light-hearted reiteration on rom-coms. It is a typical Saif Ali Khan film. And it gives you very less in the bargain. You can skip this one unless you happen to be a die-hard Saif Ali Khan fan.  

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