Get your money's worth with this fun, rejuvenating comedy film.

So it is a copy of some Hollywood film, it is the usual heist story, no it is a revenge drama…all these and many other speculations are put to rest as Happy New Year graces the big screen this Diwali.

The film isn't just another film that you'd watch on the festive season; this film is a complete entertainer. It is that and it is a laugh riot. Farah Khan scores a bull's eye by this multi-starrer shot that she flings at the audience. Impeccable directorial skills that are bestowed on her, that are honed by her, are used to the fullest. The screen is set ablaze by appropriate casting and spectacular performances. We agree that what Uday Chopra is to the Dhoom series, Abhishek Bachchan is to HNY but still he too gets in his character and can pull off a laugh or two from the audience. Despite being a revenge drama and despite its premise being a copy of a Hollywood heist film, this film has a 'Indiawale' touch which takes the cake!

Yes, we loved it and we are urging you to watch this film.

Initially the film endorses popular dialogues from SRK films, refurbished dialogues, if we may add, and the acting too looks a tad over-the-top. What with Sonu Sood trying to act and Boman Irani doing the stud walk! But that's it, the boredom ends there and the film begins.

The story of the film is a about a heist that Charlie aka SRK plan and to carry out the robbery smoothly, he employs four other talented dudes with him- Rohan (a hacker), Tammy (a safe cracker), Jack (a bomber) and Nandu (a colour Xerox, eh well, that's what he calls himself!). So the diamonds worth crores are at the target of this mission. We said it is a revenge drama and Charlie wants to avenge the death of his father and therefore, he chalks out the plan.

Coming back to the story, the only way to steal these diamonds is by entering a particular World Dance Championship. Now, dance is an impossible feat for all our macho, beefcake hunks. Enter, Mohini aka Deepika. She adds the oomph factor to the film and although her character looks unnecessary, she gets into the skin of a bar dancer as if it were a cake walk. She pulls off very well as Mohini with her latkas and jhatkas. We make a special mention of Boman Irani, for it is him who shows an undistinguished love for comedy and can tickle our funny bone right from the beginning.

What we liked about the film is, it focuses on the entertainment value and for once sidelines romance. Romance is the melodies of this film, the hippie-ness comes from its foot-tapping dance numbers and its earthy-ness from the Manwa beats. But otherwise it is totally a fun film. It gets inspiring frame by frame with an impeccable comic timing coming from the cast. However, what's disappointing are all those sexist comments that Charlie passes. Leaving aside the seriousness of those comments, the audience, especially SRK fans and Bollywood buffs are most likely to enjoy the film.

Amongst the row of bad comedies which tried their hand at 'Entertainment', this one certainly comes off as a paisa vasool film. Farah Khan doesn't make a Tees Maar Khan out of it. So this weekend, book yourself a seat and let's make it a 'Happy New Year'.

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