Do watch this one.

The best part about Shlok Sharma's 'Haraamkhor' is that the trailer of the film gives out nothing of what you can expect from this bold film, apart from a little about its characters. However, we know that there is something mysteriously fun about this film. 

'Haraamkhor' touches on a rather bold subject of a teenage girl having an affair with her teacher. Now the subject is certainly not true for the Indian audience and semi urban cities in India hear of at least one such case every day. So why had the censor board not allowed the film to release, well only they can answer.

Sharma's narrative is from the perspective of two boys, one of whom is in awe of the female protagonist, played by Shweta Tripathi. These two figure out that there is something going on between their teacher and this girl and follow them everywhere to find out what. The climax, well, we will leave it here for you to figure out. GO WATCH THE FILM.

There is something eerily real about Shlok Sharma's 'Haraamkhor' and what makes it better is that he doesn't take any sides. You can't say if the manipulative teacher, brilliantly played by Siddiqui, is completely wrong as the girl to wanted to explore her sexuality and leads him into it. However, the girl is just 15 and its illegal to involve with a minor. 

Siddiqui performs exceptionally well, he gets into the nerve of the character, and forces you to almost hate him. Tripathi too does a great job, its no joke that a 31 years old plays a 15 year old so convincingly, and we thought only Aamir could do it. The two boys who actually take us through the film are a superb find by casting director Mukesh Chhabra. The rest of the supporting cast is good as well.

The background score of the film makes it even more real, especially the scene where Tripathi and Siddiqui meet at a deserted place and the wind flows. The film is technically sound and deserves a watch. Do watch this one. 

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