Revenge, steamy scenes and a shallow script is Hate Story 4 all about. 

Vishal Pandya directed 'Hate Story 4' is an erotic thriller that just doesn't match up the first three films of the franchise at all. After taking the director's seat Vishal has helmed two Hate Story franchise films right away from 2nd and 3rd part. Both did a decent job at the box-office as well and were loved by its niche audiences because of the twist and turns blending along with bold and glamorous steamy scenes. This one has quite underperformed and I would suggest its script and some lame scenes are the major culprits.

The plot is all about Two Richie rich brothers Vivan Bhatena and Karan Wahi who go against each other for a girl who sets them apart. When you read this you clearly sum up the usual plot of vengeance and yes you get it all right. The twists don't work to cater the audience's attention, but some dialogues with wayward delivery make us wonder why on earth we are just living alive here to bear these lame looking sequences?  

The two brothers are backed by their supportive father Vikram Khurana played by Badman Gulshan Grover. Finally, his act gives us a huge sigh of relief. There is a quirky dialogue when the badman conversates along with his on-screen son Vivan ''Bhai ki zip bandh karne kahi thi, yaha toh bada beta pajamey ka nada hee dheela karke betha hai''. I mean how lame is that?  Audiences who are especially going for those steamy bold scenes by Urvashi Rautela and Ihana Dhillon, just an eye-opener message to all of you that there are no steamy scenes from the actress apart from the song. Rautela who plays an aspiring wannabe model is a pole dancer. She is eyed by Karan Wahi who plays a playboy photographer changing her girlfriends like sim cards. Surprisingly Karan performed some emotional sequences quite well leaving a lukewarm impression with his act. Ihana Dhillon as Vivan's love interest was quite stylish and a businesswoman partnered with him. Urvashi's had tons of dialogues to delivery, but the intensity was missing big time. Unwinding the suspense that left us irritated and wondering how this is like just another 'Hate Story' film with a cliche revenge plot. The film had some really good dialogues, but the delivery could not be spared, to be honest.    

Moreover, the Hate Story IV songs were the only entertaining element from the film executing those steamy hot scenes with a flair of lustful ecstasy. It is the revamped version of Himesh Reshammiya hit number 'Aashiq Banaya Aapne' performed by Neha Kakkar narrating Rautela's steamy hot pole dance. The next song is Badnaamiyan performed by Armaan Malik and Sukriti Kakar showcasing the livelihood romantic chemistry between Vivan Bhatena and Ihana Dhillon. The song is beautifully shot leaving some charm from the on-screen chemistry of the two. The entire movie has been shot in London but the film doesn't focus much on the lively locations.

Cinematography by Sunita Radia is mediocre and doesn't discover any creative angle to make this one a masterpiece. Editing by Manish More is perfect as he associated those flashback sequence and on-going scenes perfectly.

Overall, even if you are a fan of this franchise we would recommend you to avoid this bizzare erotic thriller and wait for a better one instead.  

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