An average 80's masala with a current age punch!

Jackie Shroff is one of the good looking actors to hit the screen and he managed to carve his own niche and now the expectations are soaring high from his son Tiger Shroff.

Star son debuts always create a lot of excitement as the world waits to see if they are able to carry on their dad's legacy further in Bollywood. 

HEROPANTI begins with a wedding in 'Jat Land', Sooraj Singh (Prakash Raj), the head of the village is all set to get his daughter Renu (Sandeepa Dhar) married, who elopes with her lover. 

The Singh family is full of goons and they pick up the boy's band of best friends that includes Bablu (Tiger Shroff). 

Bablu and his friends are abducted and held hostage in the village till Singh can trace Renu. 

At first, Bablu tries running away from the village, but then he spots his ladylove Dimpy (Kriti Sanon) and decides to stay back so he can find her whereabouts. 

Dimpy is Sooraj Singh's younger daughter and is determined to be Miss Haryana, but doesn't want to get disgrace to her dad like her older sister. 

From Haryana to Delhi, the Singhs go tracking Renu along with Bablu and buddies and later even Dimpy joins them and that's when the love evolves. 

Bablu gives wings to Dimpy's dreams and makes her realize the power of love. 

Tiger Shroff is a star. His debut scene is smartly placed in action packed gymnasium, his dialogue delivery is good for a debutante. 

Tiger has been trained in action and that reflects, as he can be termed as the Bruce Lee of Bollywood. He is also a smooth dancer and his moves are awesome in the 'Whistle Baja' song. 

The hair and make-up for Tiger Shroff is not appropriate. The lip gloss makes his look girly and the fringes on his forehead do not suit him. 

Kriti Sanon makes an impressive debut; she looks pretty and gives the right expressions. 

Prakash Raj plays the emotional father to perfection; he will make you cry in scenes when he talks about his daughter's childhood memories and also when he runs behind the bus. 

However, we wish that Prakash had worked on getting a Haryanavi accent. 

Sandeepa Dhar is average. Sunil Grover is super funny in his cameo. A Special mention to the boys who play Tiger's friends in the movie - All do a decent job.     

Sabbir Khan's direction is average. He fails to keep the audiences glued to the screen as there are many loose ends to the movie. 

The scene where Tiger tries to escape with his friends early dawn has people walking around for natures call and the same set-up the actress is shown praying in the temple which leaves a bad taste. 

Writer Sanjeev Dutta gets a 80's story and adds elements like honor killing and gang rape to make it current. 

In fact, the script is heavily inspired by Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

'Whistle Baja' is the star track and Manj Musik has done a great job and so has the lyricist Raftaar. 'Raat Bhar' by Sajid-Wajid also stands out and lyrics by Kausar Munir are beautiful.  

Action by Anal Arusa is outstanding; it's never-seen-before in Bollywood. Sandeep Shirodkar's background score is in sync with the movie. DOP Hari Vedantam makes the movie quite visual. Editing by John Carnochan could have been better as the movie gets a drag in second half. 

The dialogues also take away from the movie, especially the 'Opening ceremony' is inappropriate. 

HEROPANTI will find its fan fare amongst teenagers and college students. 

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