An emotionally engaging film that truly motivates you to overcome every hurdle of your life.  

What a way to mark a sparkling comeback on-screen by Rani Mukerji as Naina Mathur playing a victim of 'Tourette syndrome' a rare incurable disease leading to uncontrolled strange noises and actions due to a neurological defect. Mukerji is a high-spirited wanna be teacher with M.SC and B.ed qualifications but is rejected by several schools due to her disability. She is a part-time animator and a well-qualified individual who could easily get a job beside the profession of teaching. It is Rani's on-screen father played by Sachin Pilgaonkar who wants her to stop chasing this job and apply for a bank job. Naina Mathur's relationship with her dad is quite bitter-sweet and she just neglects and cuts off the conversation for a reason coming right away from her past. 

She finally gets a job in the school where she studied. It is Saint Norton school that requires a teacher for Std 9th div F batch that barely holds fifteen students. Naina Mathur gets an opportunity of a lifetime, it seems like a dream come true for her whereas the real Hichki (challenge) of her life has just begun! She is given a task to educate the economically backward spoiled brats coming from the slums of the city. They all are hard-hitting pranksters making Naina's life hell and even laughing miserably on her disease. This challenging journey of improvising the stubborn students in a very light hearted manner is truly enduring. The entire movie hooked us to its narrative and there were literally five to six moments in the film which had tears rolling off my cheeks. Shiv Kumar Subramaniam as principal is quite supportive and believes in the intellect of Naina Mathur despite of her speech defect. It is the antagonist played by Neeraj Kabi a fellow professor who keeps opposing the 9th F students that they would never achieve anything in life. Rani and Neeraj Kabi's fair feud is a joy to watch though. 

The makers won our heart by making it an emotionally evoking film connecting us to the infatuating narrative of the film. Naina Mathur's philosophy is what we require in real life as well. It could have been incomplete without the stellar performances of the entire student cast from 9th F. My god the casting has been hell right and these teens were supreme with their acting prowess dotting the emotional scenes with mounting finesse and class. Hichki cannot be evaluated as a film, but a real-life learning lesson that cuts down the taboos of a special child unacceptable in the society. It makes us think deeper provoking a lot of care and empathy towards the economically deprived students and yes they can achieve success even after a lot of shortcomings in their life. The off-screen husband-wife Supriya and Sachin Pilgaonkar are Rani's parents acting their part with a lot of authenticity and care. 

Unlike the other YRF Film, this one also has alluring and exquisite songs. Begining right away from the song that featured at the start of the film titled 'Phir Kya Hai Gham' which introduces Naina Mathur aka Rani Mukerji going through all the rejections in her life but never forgets to smile. Performed by Shilpa Rao and penned by Aditya Sharma & Neeraj Rajawat with the composition of Jasleen Royal, this song is a perfect start to this enticing blockbuster. The next song 'Oye Hichki' performed by Harshdeep Kaur with lyrics penned down by Jaideep Sahni magnificently blends with the visuals of the film's narrative. It is the cruising moments when Rani goes beyond the classroom concept to teach her batch of students. It is the first solo album for Jasleen Royal and the music she has laid is charming and entwining just perfect for the narrative of the film. 

Made with a budget of 20 cr, this is a technical power-packed film. Cinematography by Avinash Arun is bang on, crisp captivating each shot brilliantly. A long list of screenwriters such as Ankur Chaudhry, Siddharth Malhotra, Ambar Hadap and Ganesh Pandit deserves an applaud for making the film's screenplay absolutely intriguing. Dialogues by Ankur Chaudhry just steer down in our heart with some powerful lines like ''Jab zindagi imtehaan leti hai toh subject wise nai leti hai''. These dialogues are the soul of this film, relentlessly immortal.

The movie concludes with an inspiring note of achieving our goals. No matter how bigger the hurdle of our life is. We must make it our strength and fly high with hard work and not complaints. This Siddharth Malhotra directed film is a must watch, go relish your good old school days memories.          

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