Movie unfolds some dark truths about the Indian education system.

After the year 2016 showcased some really applaudable stuff in the Indian cinema, the year 2017 had it all too. Romance, drama, biopics, political satires and many more genres showcased their power and now it's time to witness something serious. Tagged as one of the basic necessities of an individual-Education in our country has always been a point of debate. To be precise, qualitative education is what the country needs today to change it to 'developed' from 'developing.' And here comes the Irrfan Khan starrer informative satire 'Hindi Medium' which focuses on the grave issue.

'Hindi Medium' is a story of a young couple Raj Batra(Irrfan Khan) and Mita(Saba Qamar). Raj is a clothes shop owner in Chandni Chowk, Delhi where he sells the 'original copies' of designer clothes while his wife Mita is a housewife. Raj is not very well educated but his wife Mita has completed her education from an English medium school and now wants her daughter Pia (Dishita Sehgal) to get admitted in one of the high class English medium schools in Delhi. She nags her husband's brain each passing day for admitting their daughter in English medium school and from there the real struggle of the couple starts. They move out of their ancestral home and shift to a premium class society and also adopt a high class lifestyle for the same. But in a nation where friendships and kitty parties both are divided into two groups, the residents don't let their children play with Pia as she speaks Hindi. When every attempt of theirs fail, they adopt Plan B which is to get an admission from the 'so called' gareeb quota. They again shift their base to a slum area of Bharat Nagar and submit the admission form in one of the best schools under Below Poverty Line quota. They get every possible help from their neighbour Shyam Prakash (Deepak Dobriyal) who gives them few lessons of the slum lifestyle as well. The climax of the movie unfolds some dark truths about the Indian education system which leaves a mark in our brain.

Irrfan Khan as Raj shines all over the movie. Be it his quintessential comedy timing for which he is already famous, or his serious acting, this man nails it and it is really hard to imagine any other actor in his place. His cool dude attitude makes us laugh along with his crazy antics and his chemistry with Saba is just fabulous. Saba Qamar too enjoys a meaty role and has done full justice. Her promotion from Mitthu to Honey is apt and the actress just fits rightly in whatever two avatars she is seen- the desi and the modern. Deepak Dobriyal acts as the perfect neighbour and is up to mark as well. The cameos of Sanjay Suri and Neha Dhupia who represent the rich quota does not get much scope. Amrita Singh as the strict headmistress turns out to be extremely good.

As the saying goes 'Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, this film is an eye-opener to today's generation as there is a serious need of changing the society's perspective towards education. The director should be applauded for choosing a subject like this and to execute it so very well. The script is just perfect and the screenplay travels smoothly keeping you engaged while giving you a social and informative piece of cinema. It is a treat to watch Irrfan dance with his daughter Pia on the track 'Oh Ho Ho.' All the other songs like 'Suit Suit' and 'Ek Jindari' have been already on the top list of the listeners.

With such a bold subject which is relatable to every student and parent, 'Hindi Medium' is not that typical film in the curriculum of Bollywood cinema and kudos to the many positive factors which consist it. With stellar performances, interesting subject depicting the hard-core dark truth of the country's education system, you will not be disappointed while returning from theatres. It will definitely make you re-think about the need of education in today's era. So go get your admission forms (movie tickets) from the theatres near you and get yourself admitted to this hindi medium school without being sceptical.

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