Reliving DDLJ - Humpty Style!

First 15 minutes into Shashank Khaitan's HUMPTY SHARMA KI DULHANIA (HSKD) and you make up your mind that the film is predictable and has nothing novel to offer in terms of the story. 

As already claimed by the makers, this one is an ode to Aditya Chopra's classic 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge' (DDLJ). 

From the lead actor having a DDLJ hangover to almost recreating the train sequence, you are bound to get nostalgic. However, its Shashank's smart screenplay with thoughtfully curated twists that makes Humpty a film of its own.

Rakesh Sharma aka Humpty (Varun Dhawan) is busy flirting with girls while his Dulhania Kavya Pratap Singh (Alia Bhatt) leaves for Delhi, obsessed with wearing a designer Lehenga at her marriage arranged with NRI Angad Bedi (Siddharth Shukla). 

Kavya like Simran from DDLJ wants to live her life to the fullest before she gets settled in America until she understands what true love is. And Amrish Puri.. err.. Kavya's dad Mr. Singh (Ashutosh Rana) takes center stage.

There is never a dull moment in the film and you will look forward to what will happen next. Somehow, Delhi and its shenanigans never fail to amaze our filmmakers and the audiences alike. 

Hero's close buddies who do all the 'jugaad', bullying teachers to pass their exams, blackmailing for some cash, hitting on every girl that passes by, Khaitan uses all the possible sequences that one can think of, and we must say in the right manner, to entertain us. 

Varun Dhawan is a complete performer and makes Humpty look very real, someone that all of us can totally relate to. Alia is adorable and like you have loved her in all her earlier films, this one is no different. Their chemistry too has just the right sparks. 

Ashutosh Rana breaks his mould of being a spine-chilling villain, as this time you will pleasantly love getting scared of him as a father. Gaurav Pandey and Sahil Baid who play Humpty's best friends Shonty and Poplu add the required humour and support. Rest of the supporting actors including Kavya's sister Swati, Beeji and her mother make for a perfect cast.

Music by Sharib-Toshi and Sachin-Jigar is in perfect sync with the film. 

With 'Samjhawan' and 'Saturday Saturday' being the highlight, all the songs in the album will stay on higher numbers on the charts for quite a long time. 

Background score adds the correct momentum and Neha Parti's cinematography is top class. 

Shashank Khaitan who was a student at Subhash Ghai's film school wanted to pay tribute to true love inspired by two of his favourite films 'DDLJ' and 'Casablanca'. And we think he does complete justice to it. 

Though the climax is a bit stretched, HUMPTY SHARMA KI DULHANIA is a nice family entertainer that you surely won't regret watching. Go for it this weekend. 

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