Save yourself from this horror!

Right from his debut film 'Heyy Baby' to his latest release HUMSHAKALS, Sajid Khan has always been overtly vocal about his confidence as a director. 

But it looks like after the initial success of 'Heyy Babbyy', 'Housefull' and its sequel, his luck seems to be on the opposite side. 

After the debacle of his last film 'Himmatwala', it was assumed that Sajid wouldn't repeat his mistakes and deliver a hit. But alas! Some people can never learn from their mistakes.

HUMSHAKALS doesn't even deserve the title of a slapstick comedy. 

Its opening credits roll on as tributes to Kishore Kumar and Jim Carrey. And thereafter there was nothing that the film could offer to the audience in the name of entertainment. 

The film is about three main characters who have their crazier duplicates who contribute to the chaos, supposedly to create 'comedy', but they unfortunately fail in doing so. 

Talking about the plot - As they say, sometimes some things are better left unsaid.

The film is pretty similar to 'Housefull' and 'Housefull 2' in terms of foreign locations, great sets and song-dance sequences. It was a desperate attempt from Sajid to get a hit which made him repeat the tried and tested formula. 

There's nothing to boast about in terms of direction or story, so we'd skip to the performances in the film.

Though there is limited scope, Riteish Deshmukh entertains you in bits and parts, followed by Ram Kapoor who does a decent job as the mean uncle. 

While Riteish's comic timing is good and Ram's performance is strong, it is Saif who fails to perform. 

Before the release of the film, Saif mentioned that he wanted to experiment with comedy and hence signed 'Humshakals', but we are sure he will find this decision as his biggest nightmare when he looks back. He is a complete misfit for the film. 

Actresses Tamannah Bhatia, Bipasha Basu and Esha Gupta had nothing more to do than dance in songs and add glamour to the film. 

The music of the film is in signature Himesh Reshammiya style, while the cinematography is of international standards. 

There is no novelty whatsoever and the film follows a replete track. 

The other technical aspects work if the basic film is worth watching, but here there is no script and no screenplay, so the rest of the efforts too fail to make an impact. 

Save yourself from this horror and instead find a better alternative for your entertainment this weekend. 

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