Hunterrr: A film for boys of all age

“Long time no C” and “I am HORNY”, Hunterrr begins and ends just there. The film is unlike any produced by Phantoms. Phantom gang is defying the norms bringing in the unchaste flavours to the 70 mm.

To cut it short, the story of the film revolves around a nymphomaniac, playboy, Mandar Phonkshe(Gulshan Devaiah). Although he comes from a well-to-do family, he is just another boy on the block who has the unusual sexual urges. These urges add colour to his life (that crimson of slap on his cheek or the pale yellow as his truth is revealed) as much as colours to his life. The story is the coming-of-the-age tale in literal sense where you find Mandar giving an untamed knowledge about how to tame chicks. Try for the second best, he gaily says, but that doesn’t evoke laughter. Neither this not some other jokes cracked by the cast will leave you in splits. It sounds too inane.

This 140 minute something film is nothing but soft porn coming from A-rate filmmakers. It is utterly meaningless and inconsequential. It is titillating in every sense and has much ability to revoke the sensational spirit in you. The film is abound with cheap thrills and has ample of frames that are nothing but indecent portrayal of women.

The shocker comes a fine actor from Marathi film industry, Saie Tamhankar drops her standards to add the oomph factor to this film at the drop of her pallu! Radhika Apte is refined as she acts out the part of Trupti. As for Gulshan, on whom the entire film rests, does bring out the vasu-ness of his character, a typical hawaas ka pujari, we’d say. You get another shocker when you see Harshavardhan Kulkarni, who scripted Hasee Toh Phasee, as this film’s writer and director.

What’s good about this film? The jokes are not entirely too bad, a few do tickle your funny bone. But that’s that. The film’s music is also appeasing and some songs have a repeat value. Our favourite so far has been Naina and Chori Chori.

We’ve told you already, why you shouldn’t watch this film. And as for, why should you….we think if you belong to the Boy gang, you might love it. A film for boys of all age. 

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