John charms, but the film doesn't!

Three good looking actors, aesthetically shot serene locations, and a story that caters to today's young generation. Half your job of making a film that will pull the audiences to the theatres is done.


Now, the tough part is keeping the audiences entertained. So does debutante director Kapil Sharma's 'I Me Aur Main' manage to achieve this feat? Well, yes it does. John Abraham's latest film is refreshing and light that makes for a good watch.


The film is about music producer Ishaan Sabharwal (John Abraham) who is living in with his girlfriend Anushka Lal (Chitrangada Singh). Ishaan, as most boys are, is commitment-phobic.


When things go haywire in his professional life, his personal relationship too is affected and he is thrown out of the house by his lady love. He now has a new house and is also looking for a new girl who is his new neighbour Gauri Dandekar (Prachi Desai).


Sharma manages to make a decent film, however, it does appear to be soggy in some parts. John Abraham does a good job as the self-centered 'Ishaan' who only thinks about himself. He is exceedingly good-looking and a perfect cast for this character.


Chitrangada Singh is good but she now has to change her monotonous image. Prachi Desai adds spunk to the film and gets a smile on your face every time she is in front of the camera.


Mini Mathur, Raima Sen and Zarina Wahab perform well in their respective roles. The music of the film is nothing great and will soon be forgotten. The 'Cappuccino' song is a complete rip off from 'The Departed'. However, it is fun to watch onscreen.


The cinematography is mediocre. The screenplay loses its charm at most places and could have been made more interesting for the viewers.


'I Me Aur Main' is a film that sure had great potential but is let down by its writers. However, it still is a one-time watch for Prachi and a decent debut attempt by the director.

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