Often girls get attracted to the bad is said that they have a motherly instinict and hence think that they can turn this bad boy into a good boy. That is what Suriya (Radha) tries to do in Idaya Kovil, directed by Mani Ratnam. 

Suriya is a very popular singer and she is the star of her college. Sankar (Mohan), the bad boy is also a good singer but is lazy and a drunkard. Suriya decides to make him sober and get him to sing with her for a college festival. She succeeds and in the meanwhile, falls in love with him. But it is a one-way traffic as Sankar is in love with his Gaon ki Chori Gauri (Ambika). Before becoming famous, Sankar was already a star alongwith his Gauri, in his village. But he leaves soon to become even more famous. Gauri becomes sad but doesn't get disheartened. She sets off to find him and ends up in the big bad city. 
Sankar has two girls in his life, one he is in love with and the other one he cares for. Whom will he get? WHat will happen next? WHat decision will he make? All this you will find out only when you watch the movie.
The movie is extremely sad and depressing. The end is terrifying. Acting-wise everyone has done a brilliant job especially the three lead characters- Radha, Mohan and Ambika. This is Mani Ratnam's initial movies and his work is definitely worth appreciating. A nice movie to catch up on the good old days.
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