Daring attempt to take up an unconventional issue

2013 hasn't had a great start for business in Bollywood. As the year's first two releases 'Table No. 21' and 'Matru ki Bijlee Ka Mandola' didn't quite exactly set the cash registers ringing. Hence, the expectations were high from acclaimed filmmaker Sudhir Mishra's latest film 'Inkaar'. As the film also deals with the untouched issue of sexual harassment at work, the expectations were raised by multiple folds.


The film is about the power friction between a mentor and a protégée and they both happen to be from the opposite sex, extremely attractive for each other. An ambitious CEO Rahul Verma (Arjun Rampal) of a high end advertising firm comes across Maya Luthra (Chitrangada Singh), a copywriter from a rival company and sparks immediately fly off. The two meet at Goa and hit it off instantly as professionals. Rahul hires Maya for his company and trains her to be a perfectionist. Amidst all this they get romantically involved as well. But things take an ugly turn when Maya turns a National Creative Director and board member.


She slams Rahul of sexual harassment and thus the tyranny starts. The accusations coming from all ends show both equally accused. There's also an independent social worker, Mrs. Kamdar (Deepti Naval) who monitors the whole case.


The film has people divided over opinion about the equation these two share. While it is assumed that the Alpha Male CEO uses his position to get sexual advantage, there's also a presumption of the mysterious intentions of Maya as they assume that she might have used her charm to have an edge.


Kudos to filmmaker Sudhir for daring to pick such less-talked about sensitive issue in his film, he manages to show both the sides of the story really well. But the disappointment comes with the fact that the film takes no stand over the issue as it leaves the audiences to decide on it with an opaque climax. The direction is smooth but what gives the film an edge is its editing which is sharp.


The film could have been even hard hitting with concrete statements. But it plays safe by leaving assumptions in grey.


Talking about performances and we must say that Arjun Rampal has come a long way. With each of his passing films, he proves that he didn't earn the National Award just by fluke. He gives a decent performance and fits the bill and as for his looks, well let us just say that like wine he is getting better with age.


Chitrangada has given an average performance though we expected another thriller from her. Nonetheless, she ain't a complete letdown just little disappointing as far as expectations are concerned. Music by Shantanu Moitra could've been better as it sounds a little mismatched.


Though not path breaking, the film is a must watch for its daring attempt to take up an unconventional issue.

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