A violent and ‘bloody’ love story

A movie with no big star cast, no new concept and nothing but violence, bloodshed and yes, of course, the intimate romantic scenes are the main ingredients in Habib Faisal’s Ishaqzaade.  The only elements of freshness are the lead actors Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra.

Set in the north Indian Village backdrop, Ishaqzaade tells the tale of Almor (supposedly a village in UP), which is dominated by two rival political parties headed by the Qureshis and the Chauhans. Amidst them are the two protagonists Zoya(played by Parineeti) and Parma(played by Arjun) who are born as rivals, but eventually fall in love. And then begins the series of 'gaaligaloch', clash and the chase to kill their own blood.

Ishaqzaade, frankly has nothing new to offer. It tells the same old story of Hindu-Muslim rivalry in which two intense lovers are shackled in the society norms and 'Khandaan Ka Naam' threat.  But even after what Zoya and Parma have all gone through, do we feel sorry them? Yeah, but not so deeply.

Since the story is set in the North Indian village backdrop, the violence seems to be fit for the concept. But at the same time when we rethink, we feel, haven't we seen enough of this? The movie is prolonged unnecessarily with raining bullets and continuous chasing. There is a lot of violence and also love making scenes, which has now become a YRF mantra after Vishesh Films.

Habib Faisal is touching upon an intense concept for the first time after giving the emotional and smooth Do Dooni Chaar. And he has executed the concept very well. He proved to be a versatile director. 

Arjun Kapoor is unchanged throughout the movie with his street-boy attitude. He gives a decent beginning to his career and he indeed is a promising actor for Bollywood. But the show stealer is undoubtedly Parineeti Chopra who splendidly portrayed Zoya. Her spontaneity and fresh face keeps the viewers intact upon her. But let us hope she is not typecast after playing two similar characters consequently (Ladies v/s Ricky Bahl also saw her as the moofat and outgoing girl). Gauhar Khan also gives a decent performance as a sex worker.

When it is a movie, we seek for something new and that's what is lacking in Ishaqzaade. Surprisingly you will still concentrate on the movie. Music is commendable with the thrashing and the melodious versions of the title song. Amit Trivedi has treated the movie with varied tracks and you are sure to hum the title track when you exit from the theatres. 

Ishaqzaade is the movie of the week and you can watch it primarily for Parineeti Chopra, for Arjun Kapoor and for its music. If you like the violent, bloody and intense love, it is bonus.
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