A feel good film..!!

A romantic evening in Paris is every hearts dream, and 'Ishkq in Paris' is one movie that makes that dream come true. 'An evening in Paris' was one of the first Bollywood movies' to be shot in Paris, and Preity Zinta continues the tradition as her first home production has majorly been shot in the 'city of love'.

The movie begins with a narration by Marie (Isabelle Adjani) about a girl Ishkq (Preity Zinta), who is walking down the cobbled streets of Paris dressed in a red dress, leather jacket and boots. Ishkq loves life, but has a commitment phobia so she has decided never to get married, all thanks to her parents' divorce. Akash (Rhehan Malliek) is a sports agent, who is originally from Amritsar and currently lives in London, and is out to enjoy a night in Paris. Ishkq agrees to take Akash around Paris only on one condition that 'they will never meet again'.

Pick-up lines to partying in the night club, they do it all in one night, and they end up liking each other's company, but at that point, the two honor their commitment of not meeting each other again. Destiny has other plans for the two, and they end up meeting again, and Ishkq agrees to go along with Akash for his friend's wedding in Paris. The 'Salman Khan' song is a perfect mood elevator and it sets the beginning of the romantic track between Ishkq and Akash.

Preity Zinta is amazing in her 'full of life' character; she has great comic timing and she also handles drama with grace. Life experiences have matured the actress in Preity, and you can see that being reflected when she narrates the story of her bitter break-up. The actress looks gorgeous and manages to deliver a great performance despite the stress of being a first time producer.

Rhehan Malliek makes a great lead debut, he has the perfect eye color and smile to woo the women, and he has acted really well too; in fact, he compliments Preity really well. Isabelle Adjani delivers a decent performance.

Director Prem Raj has written a simple and soulful love story, and he has created some magical moments between Ishkq and Akash. After 'Main aur Mrs. Khanna' it's Prem Raj's second project, and the director has really managed to impress with this one.

Paris has been beautifully captured by cinematographer Manush Nanadan. Sajid-Wajid's music is good, especially the two songs - 'It's all about tonight' and 'Kudiye di kurti'.

'Ishkq in Paris' has its pros and cons, while Preity's performance and energy makes the movie fun to watch, bits and pieces of the film leads to boredom, and you wish there was more of 'Ishkq' in Paris.

If in the mood for a light popcorn entertainer then, go for it.

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