An un-predictable nail-biting flick that keeps us guessing until the end.

After quite a long time there comes an intriguing murder mystery thriller for the suspense lovers and yes you won't be disappointed watching it for sure. The Abhay Chopra directed film, is an adaptation of Rajesh Khanna's cult movie 'Ittefaq', a 1969 black and white thriller. Although, this movie is all about two unfortunate murder lead by two usual suspect Maya played by Sonakshi Sinha a newly married house-wife and Vikram Sethi a famous novelist played by Sidharth Malhotra.

The film begins with Mumbai police chasing Vikram Sethi under the charge of his wife Catherine's murder, in an escaping mode, he ends up in Maya's house to hide and get sheltered in a rainy Mumbai night. Maya soon ensures that Vikram shouldn't run so she calls the cops who are right outside her apartment for investigation. The cops then arrest Vikram who is found guilty on the crime scene and unleash the dead body of Maya's husband Shekhar in the house. Now Vikram is being accused of a double murder charge but he pleads to be innocence. The case is then assigned to officer Dev played by Akshaye Khanna who is set to solve the mystery in three days as per higher officials order.

Now begins the narration of the two usual suspects, both of them have a story to narrate, it is their version of the story and a theory that has extreme logic to it. You will literally scratch your head on whose version of the story is real and who is faking or something else. The first half is way better than the second. Build-up of the case with a check of facts and pieces of evidence. The second half dips a little bit but it still keeps you involved with the case and the end becomes just a little bit predictable.

Overall a one-time watch film with a spine-chilling thriller that leaves us with no clue till the end as who is the murderer. Maybe a two-time watch, especially for the acting prowess of Akshaye Khanna who is absolutely sparkling with his officer in the white shirt look with a couple of puns to make to concluding the case, stands out as the best performer of the film. Though Sonakshi Sinha comparatively had less of a screen space she did justice to the role she played. Sidharth Malhotra as a rich Novelist with an innocent face and stuck in between the case with a question mark look on his face was just perfect.

The screenplay by Abhay Chopra has laid down descriptive investigative story-telling of both the suspects at its core. The director wonderfully connected every bit of ambiguous reasoning from the narration that needs a follow up right away from every fact check and professional evidence collection.

Art direction head Sabu Cyril has laid down a top-notch crime location as if the crime really happened. The continuity of the film is spot on recording every minute details and evidence collection of the crime scene flawlessly well. These important aspects of the film are eloquently captured by the DOP Michal Luka. Suspense and mystery lovers can go out and watch this one-time watch flick

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