One of the finest Hindi Films ever made, which inspires people of all ages even today, though the film is produced with essentially children in mind. Its songs are particularly touching and elevating. They remind people of all ages and teach the young the history and beauty of India.

This movie teaches the youth of our country to revere and preserve our culture and teaches them to appreciate the beauty of our country, its monuments, valour and sacrifices made by Indians through generations, the reverence India holds for her sacred rivers.

This movie also describes Gandhiji, through moving, melodious, and absorbing lyrics, and music, while on a train journey throughout India. The film highlights the basic cultural ethos of India, in which the young pay respects to their teachers and elders and love for others, while the teacher becomes a beackon of hope, and everlasting friendships.

It teaches children to be brave in the face of hardships, and brings out the rejuvenating effect of Indian music, to motivate children towards patriotism and noble acts towards each other. It's a really fine movie to see with the whole family and excellent aid for display in schools. It would do a world of good, if the story on which this movie is based, became a part of the school curriculum in all schools in India.
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