Old gift wrapped in an even older paper; strangely, it is still presentable...

Ingredients of a sure-fire crowd puller- Same old Emraan Hashmi in his same old character, a new hot girl, loads of skin-show, superb music, guns, encounters, playing with death, the over-confident Hero, a sympathetic cop, the 'Bichari' heroine who has nothing to do but create moral issues for the (not so) 'Seedha-Saadha' hero and death in the end. Yes, that is 'Jannat 2' directed by Kunal Deshmukh all about; like all other movies of Emraan Hashmi. Ironically, despite the ingredients being the 'same old ones', the movie still manages to be decently entertaining.


Emraan Hashmi is, as we all already know through the promos, Sonu Dilli aka K.K.C. (i.e. Kutti Kamini Cheez). A long, boring banter as to why his name came to be, follows in the beginning after a silly Tom & Jerry Chase. Zeeshan Ayyub who plays Balli, KKC's side-kick, then comes in the picture and that's when we know that these two are inseparable like Jai-Veeru. Sonu's Bi-ness (business) is of supplying illegal guns (for which again he gives another boring explanation) under the hood of working in a textile industry. As fate has it, he bumps into Jhanvi (Esha Gupta), a doctor, and instantly falls in love with her. He is also ready to sacrifice his Bi-ness and become a good man (but she actually doesn't have any idea that he is a man of bad character).


Meanwhile, Inspector Pratap (Randeep Hooda) is after Sonu's life so that he can reach to the top-most player of this racket. With begging, pleading, beating, threatening and blackmailing, he convinces Sonu to become his informer. But Sonu is in for a surprise. The Big Boss is none other than Jhanvi's father whom she hates, and now Sonu is in a soup; on whose side to be; the Law, his Wife or be an outlaw like his father-in-law. With death dangling like a sword on his head, this K.K.C. starts making his own plans but somehow the 'good man' inside him wakes up. What ensues is the rest of the movie and of course, the end.


The movie is extremely predictable. Even its so-called twists and the big surprises won't come as a shock to you. But the movie is still a watchable affair; thanks to the brilliant performances.


Randeep Hooda is mind-blowing and out of this world. With each movie, he keeps getting better and this one has been his best till date. Emraan Hashmi is in his regular self i.e. he is good and honest with his performance. Esha Gupta... well, there is nothing much to say about her. Zeeshan Ayyub is another player who is superb. Rest of the cast has also done an excellent job.


The music, the superb camera angles and the acting is what helps this movie survive. But my biggest doubt was regarding the name of the movie itself. Why name it 'Jannat 2' when there was no connection whatsoever with the first 'Jannat'? It absolutely makes no sense. If the directors were planning to bank upon the name and fame of 'Jannat' by making this one look like its sequel, they have indeed failed miserably.


With nothing new to the affair, 'Jannat 2' stands at being just about okay... "It is like an old gift wrapped in an even older wrapper, strangely it will still look presentable enough."


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