'Johny Mera Naam' is perhaps Vijay Anand's best directed movie. Released in 1970, this movie went on to cause a stir as did the music as it was considered to be beyond its time.

Two brothers,Sohan and Mohan, both studying in the same school, have entered the school boxing competition. When it comes to the finals, the two brothers find out that they are fighting each other. Sohan is declared the winner but the match is continued at home and the mother tells them that they should wait for their father. Mohan, the elder, being impatient, goes to see his father - a police officer. There he witnesses a smuggler by the name of Heera kill his father. He tries to catch him by chasing him and ends up hiding in his car.

Years pass by and Sohan becomes an police inspector wanting to catch smugglers, he lands himself in a cell with Heera, the man who had murdered his father and introduces himself as Johny. He later escapes and meets up with a contact - a female by the name of Rekha.

The movie stars the evergreen Dev Anand, Hema Malini, Pran, Premnath, Ifteqar and I.S. Johar. The story is good but more than that, is the direction by the late Vijay Anand.The acting by all, especially the comic side by the late I.S. Johar, is absolutely brilliant. The songs are most memorable as is the music by Kalyanji - Anandji.

This is a movie that is worth watching if you like Dev Anand, Pran's incredible voice and some good acting.
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