A flaky storyline, unintentional comic dialogues and bad acting – Jism 2 is bust-ed!

In Jism 2Sunny Leone is a natural! She is bold, sensual and definitely the hottest Bollywood has ever offered! The acting however, lacks the zeal and enthusiasm everyone expects out of the film. Thus, Jism 2 dissapoints in numerous ways and Sunny Leone's hot-bod followed by a no plot makes Jism 2 not even worth a 'one-time watch!'


The film has no story line – no sub-plots and no twists. There are no dialogues that will enthrall you, and the sex scenes swing between tongue-show and back-show and are not that great after all! It’s nothing you haven’t seen before!


Everything that comes out of Leone’s mouth is unimpressive, as you find yourself staring at her cleavage, her “wear no-pants policy” and her constant panting. Yes! If there is anything thorough in the film - it is Leone’s bad acting.


The film begins like a porn movie set in Sri Lanka and you wonder why you didn’t just lavishly fondle yourself at home. But as the movie progresses you realize, neither Sunny’s skin show gets interesting, nor does Randeep Hooda’s dialogues. And Arunoday Singh’s expressions, gait and presence in the film is repelling. His acting –unbearable. But you have to give it to him, his deep, naturally loud voice and eyes are charming!


The story, and there is very little to it, is about the life of Izna (Sunny Leone) who is a porn star – pretty convenient I must say. Izna gets recruited by Intelligence officer Ayaan Thakur (Arunoday Singh).


Ayaan gives Izna a lot of gyaan about how she shouldn’t just sell her “body” – but that's real funny, because he just spent the night with her in the previous sequence! And there are several loopholes that way about the film. 


Ayaan’s boss (Arif Zakaria) explains that Izna’s mission is to get close to rogue officer-cum-super terrorist Kabir (Randeep Hooda), who was once Izna’s boyfriend.


The officers claim that Kabir once worked with them, went bonkers, decided to turn messiah and is bumping off other officers and ministers in his quest to clean the world. Now they don’t want to just kill Kabir and end the whole mess, they want to find some crucial data that he stores in his laptop. And for this they need Izna to waltz back into his life.


Jism-2 offers several jerks – like the audience is caught between Sunny’s lips, kohl-laden eyes and bust, in equal measure. At times, you forget Leone's physical assets. For instance, when she seals the film with a dynamite closing line, and for the first time you see a brand new expression on Leone other than the “do me” one. But you wouldn’t care to listen because your head would have been aching by now with all the, "Mera pyaar Samundar hain and mera Jism tumhe reth ki tarah piya jaa raha hain”. 


Sunny may be honey-trap - but despite spending most of the movie in plunging night-wear, she doesn’t seem dainty or graceful. Hooda's act is jerkier - at times, he gazes at Izna with tenderness you can touch and bites off her lips, in others. His head-holding screeching and uncomfortable, steamy scenes makes you wince. 


Direction by Pooja Bhatt is very shaky. Cinematography is bad - pans too long and everything seeming like an establishing shot.


In one sequence, Hooda's practically killing a cello with his song, hacking the instrument to the screechy Ishq bhi kiya – which comes out of no where and is completely out of place. But then, according to the Intelligence, Hooda is , anyways going insane.


The film deserves half a star for its songs – Yeh Kusoor and Yeh Jism by Music men Mithoon and P. Mukherjee, which are outstanding. And undoubtedly for its locations – resorts in Sri Lanka that mirror the extravagant blissfulness of Bali-sorts! Most of the film is pleasingly aesthetic - all its sensuousness clad in spa-like serenity, its lighting - beautiful golden gossamer with dusty hazes, cool - pale moonlight, makes for the films’s sexiest assets. 


The interval came and went, Sunny made out with both our lead men and nobody is impressed yet. And 2 hours into the film, the 3 leads on screen have butchered all our desires. Unfortunately, that’s about it! 


Leaving behind a bad, disappointing taste that lingers for long, Jism 2 is disgusting in every sense. It doesn’t please and it doesn’t entertain. It bores and stretches for 2 and a half long hours with bad acting and bad dialogues. 


Thank God for the foreplay! That definitely, makes the film bearable… 

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