A free visit to Greece, a few laughs and a two & a half hours of A/c induced sleep...

Professional Jodi Breakers end up becoming Jodi makers. That's it. That is all there is to this movie directed by Ashwini Chaudhary.


We have seen, heard and witnessed so many love stories before that we are bored of the same old stuff. Right from the guy who doesn't believe in love or marriages anymore to the girl believing in fairytales; everything is old formula... And everything can be found in Jodi Breakers.


Sid (Madhavan) is a Jodi Breaker by profession and a divorcee in his personal life. He helps people distressed in their marriages to get rid of their "problems", in short he makes such provisions that a divorce doesn't result into payment of an alimony. Thankfully, without any guitars playing in the background or wind blowing the girl's hair (or skirt), his to-be dream girl comes to his friend's bar in a very normal manner. Yes, Shonali (Bipasha Basu) enters and instantly strikes a chord with Sid. Both end up becoming partners in this "tode-fode" business. A business rule repeated a million times through millions of movies- Never mix business with pleasure- is disobeyed here and poor Shonali falls in love with her business partner, Sid. But one mistake spoils her dream (won't reveal that or else the only unpredictable part in the movie will be revealed). They separate and obviously come back again. You can literally sit and predict the next scene in the movie.


There are a few laughs sprinkled here and there, especially the little speech by Baba Kamdev urf Nano (Omi Vaidya). Although it is funny, it is not as hilarious as the one in Three Idiots and Omi Vaidya himself is not that amusing anymore. In fact, his manner of speaking has started to become an irritant. Bipasha Basu is equally irritating with her fake drunkenness and her weird accent. Her performance in this movie is very poor and there is absolutely no chemistry between Bipasha and Madhavan. The only perfect, balanced and good thing about the movie is Madhavan. He is charming, witty and funny. He has done a brilliant job but I only wish that his character was much stronger than this and that he was paired with some other actress. Dipannita Sharma is definitely a girl with a lot of potential and she is improving with each film. On the other hand, Milind Soman looks absolutely uncomfortable in his own skin.


A large chunk of the movie is shot in Greece which gives us a free trip of the country. I won't be too surprised if the travel industry's future will soon be- Bollywood Movies. Anyway, so what is already so beautiful is also captured beautifully. The music of the movie is strictly average except for the song "Darmiyaan" which is the only beautiful number and maybe even "Kunwara", which is the only decent, racy track. But there is a glitch here, i.e., along with the rest of the songs which feel as if they are either very poorly composed or simply rip-offs, even Darmiyaan suddenly starts reminding you of the music from Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani.


Jodi Breakers lacks spice, speed, chemistry and is pretty much forgettable. It might prove to be a treat for Maddy fans but otherwise it simply is a poor attempt to make a Rom-com.  


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