This chaotic dark comedy of Karmic lessons lacks legitimate belief and conviction.

Written and directed by Akshat Verma, 'Kaalakaandi' narrates four different stories of urban living maniacs as their world turns upside-down in just one goddamn night. The film begins with Saif Ali Khan's on-screen character carrying a conversation with his doctor as he lets him know he is down with stomach cancer, which is on the last stage. It made me wonder that the healthy looking guy has no pain or symptom of this tragic disease but is diagnosed with it that too at the last stage. Saif is broken, shaken and he is in shock. His expressions are spot on, just like anyone else in this situation would react. Never took drug in his life, doesn't drink never did something bad then why? he pleads with tears in his eyes. The doctor says do whatever he feels like as he is running out of time.

Now it is not a replica of 'The Wolf of Wall Street' but Saif's character is high on LSD and has hallucinations all night long. Akshay Oberoi Saif's on-screen brother is prepped up to marry his bride Amyra Dastur but ends up with a blonde chick just before his wedding night.  Another story is about two life-long gangster friends played by Vijay Raaz and Deepak Dobriyal who plan to ditch their boss. Next is Sobhita Dhulipala who plays a P.H.D Graduate moving away from India to pursue further studies abroad. Her supportive boyfriend played by Kunaal Roy Kapur is mad at her and wants to get engaged.

Every one of them gets into a mess in just one night. They deal with Karma, fate and lessons of their life. Neil Bhoopalam plays the right hand of a well-established gangster from the B-town. There is a funny little incident of him doing cow-boy tricks and damaging one of his testicle by gunshot. This single testicle man is assassinated soon and nobody knows why. Bhoopalam's role was even way shorter than a TVC add. A joy to watch lady was the pretty looking Isha Talwar, a wedding photographer who develops a connecting chemistry with Saif by the end. There are a couple of warm kisses to catch up in the climax. In the end, this dark comedy won't convince you that much and the undigestable ending scene. This film can never be explained by any of the filmmaker ever. Maybe someone from the South could. Overall Kaalakaandi is a film running multiple narratives dealing with their sins, the mess of the onscreen characters in which they get and the things don't get better in the end. 

The songs are desi and its visuals are eloquent and shot beautifully. Kaala Doreya by Neha Bhasin is a folk song adapted wedding number where everyone dances on its beat. The title song 'Kaalakandi' is an easy going song that carries messed up scenes from this comedy flick. Performed by Shashwat Sachdev, Vivek Hariharan, Romy, Arun Kamat the song has vibrant lyrics that are penned down by Anvita Dutt.

The direction of photography by Himman Dhamija saves the film as some wonderfully shot scenes are the bearable visuals that you can definitely admire. What's wrong with this soaring black comedy is that it fails to convince some real-life karmic lessons through a night that turned everyone's life topsy-turvy.         

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