Script lacks Soul!

Promos of Subhash Ghai's latest outing KAANCHI clearly suggest that the film was made years back and is being released now. 

After that if you still manage to buy yourself a ticket and land up at a cinema hall please do it at your own risk, because either you are a great fan of the showman or are tricked by the innocent looking lead star of the film.

Ghai tells the story of a courageous girl from the hilly village of Koshampa and her fight against corruption. Now only if mouthing cuss words could still generate whistles, the film would have worked. 

The script lacks soul and remains to be just a mediocre affair. More than being proud of the girl, her endeavour might just produce a few laughs. 

There is nothing in the film that we haven't seen before and it clearly reminds you of Subhash Ghai's 'Taal', this one still is nowhere close to it.

Mishti looks beautiful but fails to carry the film on her shoulder. For her first film, she does pretty well but lacks the power as the film's central protagonist. 

Kartik Aryan looks adorable and the 'Pyaar Ka Punchnaama' boy packs the right punch for what he is given. 

Chandan Roy Sanyal is decent in his powerful cameo. Rishi Kapoor and Mithun Chakraborhty are great actors, though in this one are just puppets to the director's command and so do not make the right impact, more so, because Ghai is still stuck to his old era.

Rishabh Sinha does a good job. And we also have a blast from the past as Mahima Chaudhary makes an appearance in the 'Kambal Ke Neeche' song.

The saving grace of the film is its cinematography. Music composed by Ismail Darbar is pretty average too, seems this was to made years back. Background score is just okay. 

Another high point of the film is that at least it tries to make a point that though all of us are aware of problems, we are doing nothing about it. 

KAANCHI would have been more impactful had the director made it look more today. Right now it looks passé.  

A dud coming out of showman Ghai's satchel sure makes our heart sink, but we can only hope that he ups his game and gets his mojo back...eagerly waiting for that day.

For now, we go with 2 stars for KAANCHI!

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