Do watch it this weekend!​

Sujoy Ghosh's Kahaani was a masterpiece that's rare in Indian cinema and one of the main reasons for its success was that the climax was the "suspense" in the truest sense of the word.  None of us could guess the real reason behind Vidya Bagchi's missing husband and why is she on a hunt for him. For us, the script was the hero. Coming to Kahaani 2, there is not an iota of doubt here that the script is very tight and well etched. The first half keeps the same mood and feelings as its prequel, however it's the second half that gets a big predictable. And as unfair as it may sound, though both of them are completely different films, comparison, as Ghosh keeps the franchisee the same, is inevitable.

We were hooked as Kahaani 2 started and took us through the plight of a woman with a painful past as she meets a little girl and thinks that there is a connection between the two. The frames that pass by in front of our eyes drown us completely into the process of this woman finding out what’s happening with her and the little girl. Now, we know that we are watching another mindboggling thriller by Ghosh and you want to know more about these two. The second half unfortunately lets us down with the kidnapping and murder angle given to the story and it seems like Ghosh gave in to a bit of adding Bollywood masala to his out of the box thriller. 

Now, we have said it earlier and we are saying it again, it's unfair to compare the film based on its prequel and its first half too, but boss that's the mood set. What still keeps us going is Balan's impeccable portrayal of her character. This woman is back and how! You just want to watch more and more of her. Arjun Rampal looks absolutely stunning in his cop avatar and acts well. Jugal Hansraj is a revelation. Another comeback, but this time in a very different avatar, that most will appreciate. The rest of the cast is perfect in what they do and Ghosh manages to extract the best out of them, even the little girl.

The background score sets the pace and mood just right and is in full conjunction with the story. No complaints there and with the cinematography and other technicalities aspects.

​Dialogues though not exceptionally good, are well written.​ Overall it's a well made film, just bogged down with an extremely astonishing prequel and the first half.

Do watch it this weekend!​

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