Thanks to Kalathur Kannamma, film industry found a gem like Kamal Haasan... 

Kalathur Kannamma is one of the really good classics in Tamil cinema. Kalathur Kannamma had many poignant and heart-wrenching elements created by the screenwriter which added to the emotional depth and appeal to moviegoers, especially women.


A touching tear-jerker, known in Hollywood as a 'too hankie movie', such films have a greater appeal to female audiences. In South Indian film world, such movies are called 'ladies subjects' and they rarely fail at the box-office! Women generally cry at movies and some men do too. That’s the power of the film medium to stir human emotions.

In this movie of romance and family politics, the daughter of a poor peasant bewitches the son of a wealthy landlord, who eventually wins her hand despite her initial reluctance. But when the lad's father discovers their secret marriage, he forces the couple to sever the relationship. Will true love prevail even against these long odds? 
This story-line was pretty common in the olden times and sadly the same old story is used even today but, this was a real good time and the movie was an instant hit.
Besides Gemini Ganesh, K. Savithri (Mrs. Gemini Ganesh in private life), T. K. Bhagavathi, S. V. Subbiah in lead roles, Meiyappan introduced a brilliant new talent as child artiste in this movie. The boy has created film history now and has emerged as a leading personality of Indian Cinema- Kamal Haasan.
The movie is not only brilliant in terms of the story and acting, but even its music is beautiful. A melodious song in chorus by the inmates of an orphanage 'Ammaavum neeye, appaavum neeye...' (sung by M. S.Rajeswari lending voice for Kamalahasan, music composed by R.Sudarsanam) is still remembered and treasured by many all over the world. A Definite must-watch for quality-cinema lovers. 
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