Karan Arjun Is A Typical Bollywood Potboiler And A Blockbuster Out-And-Out

During the 90s the focus of the films was on new themes and stories, the latter half of 90s although had all the gloss and glamour stuck on each film frame, yet during the early 90s the rural tragedies prevailed. One of the most popular rural tragedy of the time was Karan Arjun. This revenge drama by auteur Rakesh Roshan brought the two biggies of Bollywood together, the Khans- Salman and Shah Rukh! Perhaps that may be one of the reasons for the film’s success. The film became a blockbuster hit and was the second highest grosser film of the year.

The story of the film revolves around the theme of reincarnation. Karan-Arjun’s father has been dead however Thakur Durjan Singh, their evil uncle has been vying to accumulate the wealth and therefore puts Karan-Arjun to a dreadful death. Karan-Arjun’s natural death and their mother’s plea is what leads to their rebirth. Series of events ensue showing how the two reborn in different conditions come together and avenge their death by putting an end to the vile Durjan Singh.

The film is full of action packed performances, some raunchy numbers, and a great chemistry between Salman and Shah Rukh. Their performance brought the screen alive so much that the tag of being Karan-Arjun hasn’t yet wiped out. Coming from Filmkraft, the film was a typical Bollywood potboiler. It had a serious angle balanced by Johnny Lever and Ashok Sharaf’s unblemished comedy. While Mamta Kulkarni upped the temperatures, Kajol and Shah Rukh’s pair brought in the much needed elegance and poise.

Karan Arjun as a film did phenomenally well also because of the dialogues it boosted.  Be it the epic dialogue, “Mere Karan Arjun aayenge,” or Shah Rukh’s super romantic dialogues like, “Pyar mein jab tak maut se na khelo , milnewaali zindagi ka mazaa nahi aata.” Add to that the extraordinary music by the unparalleled Rajesh Roshan. The film has been a blockbuster out-and-out. It is well-crafted with a catchy storyline, action-packed drama, rib-tickling comedy and stellar performances by all.

For being an impeccable entertainer, we give the film four stars.

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