Kati Patang - Music fused with a screenplay that continues to melt hearts

If people in the 21st century still remember Kati Patang it is not because of Rajesh Khanna, Asha Parekh or Bindu. It is not because legendary Director Shakti made Aaradhana a superhit and followed it by yet another mega blockbuster - this one, it is simply because of its unforgettable songs and incomparable performances.

Kishore Kumar's mesmerizing voice in the incredible songs "Yeh Jo Mohabbat Hai, Yeh Shaam Mastani and Pyaar Deewana Hota Hai Mastaana Hota Hai," still make the top 100 retro tracks despite being first heard by audiences in the film in 1970. The compelling music coupled with lyrics by Anand Bakshi and an outstanding performance by Rajesh Khanna, a superstar made this movie unforgettable.
Kati Patang also had a unique script and story. A runaway bride (Asha Parekh) promises her dying widowed friend that she will assume her identity and look after her infant child. Things take a haywire turn when she turns Kamal Sinha's (Rajesh Khanna) love into bitter soup and finds herself in a pickle with the return of the widow Poonam (Bindu)
An attention grabbing plot with flawless cinematography on reel by V. Gopi Krishna, Kati Patang made a high over 3 crores at the Box Office. An outstanding number for those days, for main stream hindi cinema as well.
The plot is loaded with twists and the manner in which Director Shakti Samantha has handled the plot is incredible. Shakti's films have always had a bold approach portraying female protagonists trapped in undesirable circumstances, battling with fate to change their destiny.
The film questions the role of society in destroying an individual's life and the rigidness in the manner in which it does this. Through the poignant character of Kamal played by Rajesh Khanna, Shakti shows fair and broad minded person with a mindset of his own - a train that Indian society needed to accept in the 1970s.
The manner in the hero accepts the hand of the heroine despite her being a widow and mother is intriguing and sensitizes with audiences even of today's times.
Rajesh Khanna's incredible manner, stature and gait creates magic on screen.
Asha Parekh, known for her romantic roles in Nasir Hussain films, performs exceptionally well and shows a high level of acting skill while performing in a restrain filled atmosphere for most of the very demanding emotional sequences. Undoubtedly, she bagged her only ever, Filmfare award for Best Actress for that year.
The Music of this film, was hugely responsible for the grand success of this film. While recording for this film R.D Burman, was at the highest peak of his long music career in Bollywood and alongside Kishore Kumar the film's music created an impact like none other Bollywood had managed to fashion.
Kati Patang is a superstar filled Bollywood classic film. With the beauty of the sixties, Asha Parekh, the charming Mr. Khanna and melodious music of Pancham Da, it is a very dramatic and emotional story of a woman.
If you are a woman and at that stage in your life when things seem to change at an unstoppable, irrevocable rate and you don't know what life may throw at you - watch Kati Patang. And if you are a Man, too action oriented that you wonder what a bore this 70s flick may be, watch it for Asha Parekh's sensational, clad glamour, if not anything else! 
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