Hansa (Supriya Pathak) has a brother Himanshu (JD) who has a ridiculous kink, and that is to have a memorable and legendary love story. Parminder (Kirti Kulhari), Himanshu's neighbor, falls in love with Himanshu for no apparent or logical reason and the two get engaged. That's when this totally absurd story takes an even more ridiculous turn. Himanshu feels that his courtship has been too easy and that he faced no challenge in his romantic love story. That’s when his entire insane family steps in to give him what he lacks in his love story, including pain, sadness and separation. The rest of this movie revolves around this ridiculous endeavor which is filled with laughter and absurd hilarity. “Khichdi - The Movie”, borrows the characters from the TV show, but this movie has a new and an even more absurdly hilarious story to offer. Every actor is very much in their own unique character and performances from the entire lead cast are hilarious. Jamnadas Majethia, who is himself the producer, excels in his culinary skills and speech and has impeccable comic timing. Supriya Pathak and Rajeev Mehta are well-suited to each other in their mindlessness and straight-faced humor. Nimisha Vakharia gives a convincing performance and the rational moviegoer realizes the silliness of all the characters through Anang Desai's eyes, who is seemingly, the only sane member of this ridiculously insane family. “Khichdi - The Movie”, straddles between the absurd and the ludicrous, but the fact remains that it makes you laugh heartily and you leave the theatre with a chuckle and a smile, which a lot of other comedies promise, but don't end-up delivering.
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