A brainless and logicless comic caper.

Kapil Sharma, the name is inviting enough for his humongous fan following to flock into theatres. Add to that Abbas Mustan’s filmmaking expertise, and you know that your ticket is worth the penny spent, provided you thrive on nonsensical comedies as your stress buster.

Getting into the nitty-gritties, the trailer speaks loud and clear on the plot of the movie that is pretty much similar to Govinda’s ‘Saajan Chale Sasuraal’. However, it did seem believable in those times, for today tweaking it with a bit of creative intelligence would have really made more of an impact. Kumar Shiv Ram Kishan (Kapil Sharma) cannot break a woman’s heart as per his mom’s instructions, the only reason he gets married to three women who stay in three different flats in the same building aptly called ‘Cocktail Towers’. 

While he’s struggling with his three lives, enters Deepika (Elli Avram). Now, how Kapil and the director duo manage all that really makes you think if we, the audience are the ones actually getting conned in the film.

Ignoring the cheesy dialogues and irrational twins, the plus point of the film is that it is humorous. Not all the scenes make you laugh out loud but yes do they inspire giggles and do not bore you. Kapil Sharma’s ability to get humor out of his character’s plight reinstates the fact that he’s not called the king of Television Comedy for nothing. He shines even in the emotional scenes. However, there’s still scope for improvements that he needs for a mainstream Bollywood star. The ladies in the film work more as pretty props. Manjari Phadnis is decently charming, Simran Kaur Mundi looks gorgeous, Sai Lokur is okay. Elli Avram can’t act for nuts but looks nice dancing around with Sharma.

The climax totally lets the film down with Sharma’s logic defying speech and later Avram blurting ‘Jis aadmi ne hadso se pyaar kiya, us aadmi ke pyaar ko me ek hadsa nahi hone doongi’. Music is bearable, cinematography above average. Film could have done with a few edits.

Go for it if you are able to send logic out of the window to enjoy a few laughs.

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