Can afford to skip this Koffi!

We are aware that a lot of things happen over a cup of coffee but this is somewhat weird.  Koffi Bar as a concept is interesting but it gives a deja vu feeling; we are reminded of the mind game between the terrorist and the hero in the Hindi film Aamir.


Ramakrishna is an orphan from a village and has an insatiable desire to become a genius; he thinks a human brain is capable of a lot of constructive activity but one doesn't use it completely. The indulgent man lands in the city in search of a job and gets himself shot on the video so each and every expression of his is captured and once successful he can show it to his folks in the village. But there is a hitch, he cannot get a job as he is not a certified genius, has no degrees.


Sadly, except for splurging on clothes the hero doesn't spend on anything worthwhile as the story completely shifts to another scene. Ramakrishna is trapped in a mind game played by the stranger and it is later revealed that he is a terrorist and has implanted a computer chip in a child's body that will eventually blow up some time.


The film moves slowly in the first half but the narrative later picks up with a stranger offering him a crore and asking him to multiply it. The rest of the film is about why the stranger chose to give him the money and what he does with it.


Had the film been made and released seven years back it would have evoked interest, as of now it remains an egregious flaw. A lot of lines and scenes could have been chopped making the film compact. Despite Geetha Krishna's dramatic flabbiness, Koffi Bar has its moments. The camera fails to imbue scenes with an emotional immediacy, music is passable.


You can give it a miss...


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