Movie should've been titled 'Nothing is impossible?' Right since when we were little kids our parents used to tell us - "Never talk to strangers?" but we are so adamant, that we never want to listen to them. Director Barnali Shukla's Madhu (Shefali Chhaya Shah) is once such person who doesn't listen to this advice and the result of which is the movie Kuch Luv Jaisaa.

A middle-aged home maker, mother of two lovely kids, a rich, loving (?) husband and a prosperous life? but all this is just from the outside, in reality this lady is actually feeling neglected, depressed, sad, etc? Basically going through a pre-mid-life crisis! Like all typical husbands, one fine day, Madhu's husband Shravan (Sumeet Raghavan) forgets her birthday. Her making a big fuss out of it and becoming emotional and all, is kind of justified, as her birthday is on 29th February. Initially you will be sad for her and even she is absorbed in self-pity, until she decides to give herself a chance to be happy but the director's idea of happiness is weird. I can understand a makeover, loads of shopping etc? but meeting a random stranger, starting to develop feelings for him in just one meeting and tagging along with him on the assumption that he is a private detective is just plain stupid (I mean seriously are you in 3rd standard or what?).

Keeping aside rationality and believing that anything is possible, if we want to look at the movie, still it will not make any sense to you. For a movie titled ?Nothing is impossible (no, no, I am not making fun of mission impossible), I would've accepted Madhu's escapade, in fact it would've been a really interesting story but there is nothing that will hold your attention. Rahul Bose has acted really very well. Moving away from his usual good, educated boy image, he is a goon, a thug, a wanted criminal this time. His slow, rough manner of talking reminds us of Nana Patekar. His rougish charm (which by the way, even Madhu's school-going daughter notices and confesses in front of her parents) adds quite a lot of spice in the movie. Shefali though looks extremely pretty, over tries to act childish and younger than her age? Her attempt to be the 'cool' mom in the end with her cool attitude towards her daughter's love life is just so desperate. What is more annoying about her is her continuous ? "Hello" (?you actually feel like saying- "Sorry, wrong number" to it).

There was a time when movies had some common phrases like- 'khoon pe jaunga', 'kutte kaminey', 'Sone ke biscuit', etc? and now is the time where Facebook and Twitter are mentioned that frequently. The two kids of Madhu are shown as overtly forward. They have cell phones, boyfriends/girlfriends and can easily tell their mom that there was no sex involved in the relationship (I mean seriously you want to say- Aaj kalke bachche?kya ho gaya hai duniya ko!)

Sumeet Raghavan has done well but good actors like Om Puri are wasted in the movie. The music of the movie is really worth appreciating. For a change there is no Sheila or Munni in the movie and yet it looks like the music will win the hearts of the people. The movie has some really good dialogues; especially those few given to Rahul Bose. They are witty and Rahul Bose has given a really good dialogue delivery. The movie is slow and the story is too dragged. It could've definitely been much better. There are also a few technical flaws for e.g. while Madhu is eating her sizzling brownie, there was disparity in the shots. When the camera is facing her, the ice cream looks molten while from the sides it appears as if there is a heap of ice cream (no, this is not a problem with my eye sight or a trick of the camera, it really is like that). But such technical glitches can also be overlooked if at all the movie is super good (that is not the case here though). All in all, it is really not a movie that anyone would suggest each other to go and watch. But nevertheless if you are a Rahul Bose fan, at least he won't disappoint you.
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