Jackie Chan fails to impress the audience. 

Jackie Chan is a legend and there are no second thoughts about this. Most of us have grown up watching his films and have adored him throughout. Therefore its all the more saddening to see him in a film like 'Kung Fu Yoga' directed by his 'Myth' director Stanley Tong, who yet again fails to make an impact, much like 'Myth' that starred Mallika Sherawat. There is more to an Indian film than just pretty faces and its high time filmmakers understand that. 

There is nothing new about the story of the film that has an archeologist who comes down to India in search of some treasure and faces enemies in human and animal forms. This seems more like a mixture of Sajid Khan, Aneez Bazmee films together. Though a few sequences manage to gather some laughs, others are just plain silly, probably not even watchable for a 5 year old.

Being a hardcore fan, we are less of words to write about Chan's antics. His goofiness makes us grin from ear to ear and that's the reason we do not want to see someone like him in a film like this. Sonu Sood, Amyra Dastur and Disha Patani cannot act for nuts and are just in the film for the sake of their pretty faces. Their roles too are very skimpy, Patani's a little more than the other. The film is filled with clichés and painful mentions of what supposedly people think Indian culture, kings and queens are and were about.

The dialogues are cheesy and rarely funny. Technically the film is decent with a lot of digital use to show animals like cobras, hyenas and a lion at the back seat of Chan's car. There are a lot of Bollywood thumkas added to a Chinese number that make no sense at all. The Indian actors fail to mouth their dialogues well and the Chinese cast too is pretty okay apart from Chan and the charming Rahman.

The film is silly but Chan still manages to look charming, especially in the song and dance sequences, however to watch him you don't have to go through 'Kung Fu Yoga' that by the way has no mention of Yoga whatsoever. Watch Chan's other stunner of films at home instead, we are sure one will be playing on TV soon.    

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