A must watch flick by Yash Chopra

Released in 1991 and a modern India, the audience was still not ready to grasp the concept of love between an aged man and a young girl. The movie was a gem, in every sense of the word. The story was like none other, and although the central theme of love is similar to those found in mostly all Bollywood movies, this movie has found a new interpretation for it and that is the foremost reason that it stands out. 

The mystical and almost mythical setting of the 'haveli' in Rajasthan is so beautiful that you are immediately love struck. The film is almost a two part event, the first beginning out in India, and then moving to England. There is so much detail in the characters, their emotion, that you cant help get caught up by each one of them. In a way you fall in love with each character. Anil Kapoors' acting is superb, and Waheeda Rehman's performance is ever glowing. 
There are three show stealer's of this epic movie. The first Sridevi;this has to be one of her finest acting performances, and by this role she has permanently written her name in the history and being one of India's finest actresses. The second is Anumpan Kher, whose acting is so over powering that he can be claimed as one of the lead actors in the movie. He not only brings comic relief to the situations, but you actually find yourself waiting in anticipation as to when he will show up. 
The third show stealer is the music. The music, composed by, Shiv Kumar Sharma and Hariprasad Chaurasia,  is fantastic, and every song works. This is quite an effort since in most Bollywood movies, songs come out at you from nowhere. The beautiful melodies, and most memorable, and evoke ones one passion. A most well done film
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