A para-psychological view of time and space

The genre of this folklore classic 'Lekin' is difficult to figure out as it can be called a suspense thriller, a drama or even a mystery; some even call it a para-psychological view of time and space. It deals with a very deep theme and discusses the border between science and art. Many aspects of science, logic, art, vague ideas, spiritualism and realism combines in this film and gives birth to a question that is the title of the movie - 'Lekin'


'Lekin' is a story of an unhappy ghost, Reva (Dimple Kapadia), who haunts the palace of Raja Param Singh of Jasod, which is now a government property. Samir Yogi (Vinod Khanna) takes a journey in a train. "You will be haunted by a witch" - Vinod Khanna is scolded by a fellow passenger for cutting his nails at night – and from there the movie begins. This is where he meets the mysterious Reva. As the story progresses, he has many other chance encounters with her that leaves him more and more mystified.


The music is superb and outclasses the same way like this classic movie. Legend Lata Mangeshkar has produced this film, and the music is composed by her brother. Songs like 'Yara Sili Sili', 'Main Aik Sadi Say Baithee Huun', 'Kaisarey Baalma' and 'Surmai Shaam Is Tarah Aaey Are' are really melodious.


Dimple looked mesmerizing in her Rajasthani garbs and acted even better. Vinod Khanna was competent too. Hema Malini made a special appearance and looked beautiful as usual. Amjad Khan (playing Shafi Ahmed Sidiqqui) was good as Samir's confidante and friend, he also managed to provide some mild comic relief every now and then in an otherwise serious movie. Bina, as Sharda Ahmed Siddiqui shows up in a nice little compassionate role as the Hindu wife of a Muslim Amjad Khan. You also have Moonmoon Sen in a rather blink-and-you-miss role as Pammi, the supposed romantic interest for Vinod Khanna.


The screenplay is by Kailash Advani and Arun Kaul, and it comes across beautifully.


Overall, the movie is completely mesmerizing with Dimple's haunting character that attracted the audience's eyeballs whenever she appeared on screen. And the movie did an average business during its time. And definitely worth a watch till date.

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