“Life Express” is a film based on the dilemmas faced by two women from two different strata of society. It is a dramatic and emotional tale of an urban educated couple, Tanvi (Rituparna Sengupta) and Nikhil (Kiran Janjani), and their successful fast-paced city lives.
The story also encapsulates their need for parenthood and goes on to a Rural setting where the lives of another couple - Gouri (Divya Dutta) and Mohan (Yashpal Sharma), who live a poverty stricken life, far from the din and bustle of a modern city and distant from the one lived by Tanvi and Nikhil, and their desperate need for money.
The story shifts from the busy streets of an urban city to the desolate & dusty lanes of rural India and highlights the propensity of human emotions and weaknesses. The film makes an attempt to shed some light on those mothers who have always had to undergo the dilemma and trauma of choosing between materialistic ambitions and motherhood.
However, one tries to figure out as to why the Director/Writers, chose to undertake such a contemporary theme and then go completely rural and antique in theme and mindset.
Tanvi, is made to feel so guilty for turning her back on motherhood and her need for a successful career is portrayed as a complete disgrace and slur on all womanhood. Similarly Gouri, who is compelled to sell her womb to another woman in order to feed her starving children, is made to feel like she is committing a carnal sin.
The film begins on an interesting note, where it captures the positive angles of a successful, Urban couple trying their best to balance their home and career. However, post-interval, it stumbles into a village filled with starving and idle folk who are willing to go to any lengths, including women, willing to sell their wombs to feed their starving and hungry children.
This film is shot well and does make a decent attempt at portraying both sides of the coin. However, the remorseful sob story on rural decay drags on a bit and the end result is that the theme of the movie confuses the moviegoer as to whether this film really wants to celebrate the modern, successful career woman or ostracize, castigate and condemn her.
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