Go only if you want to catch a snooze of two and half hours...

When a bunch of people, desperate to enter the glamour world in one way or another, come together, then this combination results in a dangerously boring Love Express. Sunny Bhambani's Love Express brings to us a typical story which has been churned out of the mills a million times. Although the thought of having to watch the movie is not so inviting, but since it is a movie filled with newcomers, and seeing the success of all the latest new comer movies, one would think of giving it some benefit of doubt. And a movie coming from Subhash Ghai, who has given some excellent movies like Pardes, Aitraz, etc... before, although was expected to be at least average, is in every which way disappointing.

The movie, set in a train (from god knows where, to Mumbai) is about a couple, who is soon going to tie the knot and is unhappy with the arranged marriage situation. The couple tries hard to cause a break up, but all goes in vain until one final act which breaks not only their marriage but also their parent's age-old friendship. Separation brings on the realization that suddenly they are now in love and want to get back together. Efforts to do that start but with no result and in this, their two best friends (ex-lovers) try helping them. Meanwhile, out of nowhere at Ludhiana station (assuming these Punjabis left from Punjab, yet, two nights later, they are still at Ludhiana Station) comes the girl's ex-lover. The entire plot takes a swift turn with Dadaji's (Om Puri) decision to get the girl married to her real love (i.e. ex-lover, 'coz dadaji is not yet aware that her "real love" has changed and she has fallen in love with the guy she just broke her engagement with). Finally we know what is going to happen, because there has to be a happy ending- The guy gets his girl, best friend gets his ex-flame and the two big fat Punjabi families unite to form the modern-traditional melange.

The movie is absolutely unnecessary. Bad dialogues, bad concept, very bad execution... The concept in fact has been used in many movies before, where a girl and guy, forced to get into an arranged marriage, do many antics to break it and finally end up falling in love with each other (Socha Na Tha has the same story but the execution is so different and better, that there actually is no comparison between the two). Of all the newcomers, Sahil Mehta is comparatively good. Priyum Galav although could�ve been a good side-kick, she had very little scope. Vikas Katyal and Mannat Ravi were not really good. If there is anything that will bring a smile to your face, then that is the occasional conversations between Om Puri and his wife. Music, of the movie although is expected to be good (again, history suggests the obvious relationship between good music and Subhash ghai films), is just plain ordinary. Camera has hardly any movement and hence there is no question of commenting on cinematography.

Overall, I would say, even if you have a lot of time on your hands, don't waste it here.

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