'Luv Ka The End' is the perfect film for today's youth

True to its tagline 'Films to Rock The Youth', Yash Raj Films new arm Y-Films, successfully delivers what it promises. 'Luv Ka The End' is the perfect film for today's youth, impeccably portraying the younger generation of the country. The film certainly will grab the attention of its target audience coming from the director of the famous reality show 'MTV Roadies', Bumpy.

Vaguely inspired by the 2006 American film 'John Tucker Must Die' where three close pals try to get even with the most famous womanizer of their college, John Tucker, Bumpy's film has a slightly different story to tell. Rhea Dialdas (Shraddha Kapoor) is madly in love with Luv Nanda (Taaha Shah), a spoilt brat of a rich smuggler.

The duo has extravagant plans on the eve of Rhea's 18th birthday and Rhea is eagerly waiting for the night to arrive, until she finds out that Luv is cheating on her and is involved in a weird cyber community, BBC (Billionaire Boys Club), that is a set up by rich boys who earn points by posting their intimate pictures or videos with girls. Luv is topping the list with maximum points earned by also making out with his teacher, Miss Naz (Shehnaz Treasurywala). On the eve of Rhea's 18th birthday, Luv would earn 1000 points by making out with Rhea, who is described as the simple sweet virgin.

Boys put hidden cameras and take explicit videos with the girls. Rhea on learning this, instead of mourning, decides to do 'Luv Ka The End' with the help of her two best friends Sonia (Sreejita De) and Jags (Pushtie Shakti).

Refreshing, energetic and youthful is how this film can be perfectly described. Its fun to watch the girls put itching powder in Luv's underwear, wreck his expensive Jaguar (whom he loves more than himself) and mix pills in his drink, to make him pay the cost of breaking an innocent heart. But yes, there could be more interesting things that could have been done that dressing him up as a bar dancer for the Mutton song. Performance wise the stars are bang on. Shraddha Kapoor declares that she has arrived and how. TV actresses Sreejita and Pushtie are commendable. Taaha Shah impresses, has a swooning accent and performs his role with gray shades with panache.

The icing on the cake is the little Jannat Zubair Rahmani, who amazes as she blackmails her elder sis Rhea for her branded accessories and clothes and says that this is "investing for future' which your generation will never understand". The girl is resplendent and totally stands out. Then there is Rhea's weird Daadi, who is an interesting character. Even more interesting and applauding is Ali Zafar and Shehnaz's cameo.

The USP of the film can be its characterization and the awesome performances. Ram Sampath's music is edgy and is definitely a perfect ringtone material for the youth. To sum up the film, you would want to sit back and enjoy this film and would not want the theatre to screen 'The End'.

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