A super-duper recipe

Anurag Kashyap has been putting his hands into varied subject. First it was 'Aiyya' and now comes 'Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana'. Debutante director Sameer Sharma's Punjabi joint family comic drama makes for a good entertainer this weekend, but the only gripe is that it is dragged a little too much. What makes 'LSTCK' stand out is its fresh story, unusual casting and the Punjabi dialogues that add to the fun.


Omi Khurana (Kunal Kapoor), a spoiled brat runs away to London after robbing his own family. He returns after ten long years and with the same intention, of robbing them once again. What changes his mind forms the crux of the story.


Writers Sameer Sharma and Sumit Bhateja create a perfect plot for a juicy film, every part of which has something new and different to offer. From the Punjabi accents of the actors to the sweet love story cooking in the back drop, 'LSTCK' takes you to a wonderful ride in the villages of the most hospitable state in India. To add to it, Omi's search for Chicken Khurana's recipe that makes an unusual suspense.


Kunal Kapoor is the perfect cast to play a brat. He plays his part with complete justice and manages to carry the film on his shoulders. Huma Qureshi makes for a perfect companion with her typical Punjabi accent. Rajesh Sharma adds in humour at just the right places with his impeccable comic timing. Also worth watching are two Don brothers Shanty and Manty who come down from the U.K. to hunt for Omi. Rest of the supporting cast do their job pretty well. Dolly Ahluwalia's cameo leaves you craving for more.


Amit Trivedi's music as always gives life to a film and so it does to 'LSTCK'. The title song definitely stands out with 'Kikli Kalerdi' giving you a complete Punjabi flavour. Cinematography is flawless. Screenplay is completely different from what we see in a regular masala film and should be commended. Certain portions of the film could have been taken care of with some editing. Also, the end seems to be pretty clichéd, but what's worth watching is the fresh cast, story and screenplay, and of course the music.


Do catch it with a bunch of friends, preferably Punjabis.

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