Movie is a realistic portrayal of country's current youth. 

It is a film about a group of four young kids; the friends Figs(Imaad Shah), Maggie (Auritra Ghosh), Niz(Raaghav Chanana) and Jay (Ira Dubey) a journalist with whom Figaro has had a run-in at a party the previous night, is the fourth wheel in the journey. 

Their road trip and the many adventures they go on albeit, they go through nothing. A crisis of quality pot in Delhi propels the wealthy drifter Figaro to get off his couch and set out on a road trip with his friends. Their daily ritual is smoking pot but they yearn for pot that is as good as acid, called M Cream or Malala Cream. Road trip films usually give enough room to construct cinematic scenes; the landscape becomes an engaging characteristic. However, visually, a bunch of guys smoking up gives nothing.

The aimless narrative is reminiscent of Richard Linklater's Boyhood. Though, the Agneya Singh's film fails to create magic in spite of being similar to it in the narrative sense since the coherence of the plot is compromised. The only scope for drama allowed when a group of people gets high is people being out of their wits when they are high.

Figaro and Jay fight for the sake of inducing a dramatic tension in the plot that is devoid of it¸ but all the pot helps them discover that they are good souls. The pretentious dialogues, most of them in English, certainly make it unintentionally funny, though a sincere  but unsuccessful attempt to make hard hitting statements about politics and existential philosophy.

The dreadlock sporting Imaad Shah nails the aesthetic aspect of the character of an incessant stoner, but his amateurish acting skills make Figaro as pretentious and comic as everything else in the movie. And its inadequate screenplay fails to delve better into the psyche of the young kids, making the characters seem more of a caricature.

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