Yet another Charmy(ing) thriller!

Among the Telugu film heroines it is Bhoomika and Charmy, the girls hailing from Punjab, who, besides making Hyderabad their hometown; have made an impact through their individual performances.


Charmy has been able to hold her own in the male-dominated Telugu film industry where a heroine's demand is determined by the extent to which she agrees to expose on screen and her willingness to play second fiddle to the lead actor.


Mangala is yet another thriller from the team of Mantra. So did it live up to the expectations of Charmy?


Mangala (Charmy) is a famous heroine and she has many fans. One among them (Vijay Sai) is not just obsessed about Mangala but he is sensitive as well. He decides to gift a car to Mangala and asks his father (Pradeep Rawath) who does black magic, for money. The doting father takes money from a rich man and uses his evil powers to kill a child and gives the amount to his son.


However, when the fan comes to city and meets Mangala, a misunderstanding makes her think that he tried to misbehave and the fan gets beaten by Mangala's driver/confidante (Subhash). Hurt by this, the fan attempts suicide. He is unwilling to take the medicine in the hospital till he sees Mangala. Despite several requests from his father, Mangala is unable to come due to her shooting and takes it easy. The fan dies and the enraged father unleashes the horrifying 'Sakuchi' – a spell that will lead to death. What happens from there forms the rest of the story.


"Mangala" which has the whole story focused on her character has been released, but certainly this film fails to stand out in comparison with many of earlier films in terms of quality and substance. As far as Charmy's performance is concerned, it is certainly remarkable. "Mangala" can be watched for Charmy's performance, but is boring at many points.


The horror flick's script contains a lot of loopholes, but is good for a one-time watch. Mangala would've been a successful thriller had the director taken care on second half. Thriller and horror genre lovers can watch it for first half.


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