A simple story with a mighty big heart that can indeed move mountains.

'Manjhi- The Mountain Man' is based on the life of the poor labourer who possessed a mighty big heart and who, after the death of his wife, due to lack of medical attention, decided to break a gargantuan mountain which was a major roadblock, to carve a path through it so that his fellow villagers could get medical facilities easily. Dashrath Manjhi in a mighty display of will power and valour, becomes successful in his resolve and manages to break the mountain and carve a path though it over a course of 22 years.

In the film, Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays the character of Dashrath Manjhi, a simpleton from Gehlaur village in Gaya, Bihar who doesn't have much to do in his life. He elopes with Phaguniya whom he is married to in a child marriage tradition. Eventually, fate had something drastic in store for the poor guy. There was a massive rocky mountain in Gehlaur village which the villagers either had to climb or travel round to gain access to the nearest hospital which was miles away.

One day, unfortunately, Manjhi's wife Phaguniya slips and falls down from the mountain while trying to cross it. By the time Manjhi takes her and reaches the hospital, she breathes her last. This twist of fate leaves Manjhi badly heartbroken and devastated. But after his wife's death, Manjhi makes a firm resolve to accomplish something which was almost impossible. He decides to break the massive mountain which destroyed his blissful life and carve a path through it so that his fellow villagers could get medical attention much quickly and easily and so that no other person suffers the kind of loss which he did. He instantly starts breaking the mountain with a small hammer. Initially all the villagers mocked and ridiculed Manjhi and also called him a lunatic because what he was trying to do was something very unusual and almost nearly impossible. But this only strengthened his resolve further and gradually after 22 years of back-breaking hard work and mighty will power, Manjhi becomes successful in accomplishing his goal as he carves a path though the mountain which makes travelling much easier. 

Coming to terms with the acting part in the film, the lead actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui once again proves that he is one of the most talented and natural actors out there in the industry. He single-handedly carries the entire film on his shoulders and dishes out a very natural and fine performance. He plays his character with absolute finesse and it will surely make you teary eyed in many of the emotional scenes in the film. Radhika Apte who plays Manjhi's wife Phaguniya, also performs well. The actress looks at ease with her character and looks very natural as well. The rest of the supporting cast of Tigmanshu Dhulia as the landlord and Pankaj Tripathi as his son are okay. 

Cinematography of the film handled by Rajeev Jain too is pretty neat although there is nothing very special to mention about it. Editing by Pratik Chitalia is spot-on as the film manages to deliver the storyline precisely and does not get lengthy or stretchy anywhere. Music in the film manages to suit the mood of the film pretty nicely as all the three songs go very well with the pace and the story of the film.

All said and done, 'Manjhi- The Mountain' is surely worth a watch as director Ketan Mehta manages to keep you captivated and comes up with a fine film which can indeed inspire people and leave them spellbound by what Dashrath Manjhi manages to accomplish in his life which most of the people can't even think of. The film also might get notable for two of its dialogues which are absolute bangers and also might get very popular amongst the junta. One being "Jab Tak Todenge Nahi, Tab Tak Chodenge Nahi'' and the other one being "Bhagwan Ke Bharose Mat Baitho, Kya Pata Bhagwan Khud Humare Bharose Baitha Ho". The latter one literally had many people clapping and whistling in the theatres. Watch it if you want to see Nawazuddin Siddiqui in fine form and if you are looking out for some inspiring stuff.

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