Vicky's madness, Taapsee's rawness and Abhishek's blossoming act is a treat to watch.

The love triangle theory has always worked in Bollywood connecting the audiences but this Aanand L Rai's film is a fresh take on modern relationships and these three central characters are the heart of it. It is the passionate chemistry between Vicky (Vicky Kaushal) and Rumi (Taapsee Pannu) for whom our Romeo jumps and crosses every terrace to meet her and we would wonder a bit how can a couple make Fyaar when everyone's at home. They are accompanying each other every time, making love and having sex.

Vicky nicknamed DJ Sandz thoroughly loves Rumi but is financially unstable and runs away from the responsibility of getting married. Rumi's character is quite raw and surreal, she is an orphan residing with her grand father and the rest of the family, who has quit playing Hockey a long ago. She is seen running a family business which promotes the same game. She promises her family that her relationship is real and Vicky would come along with his parents. Although this doesn't happen and Rumi erupts like a Volcano and her act is the closest to reality like any other girl would act. Alining their destiny by fate is a matrimony guy who makes them meet Robbie (Abhishek Bachchan) an NRI from London and here is the entry of the most charming character from the film who falls for Rumi just by a glance at her photo. He sports a turban when enters Punjab and his family is quite modern and sweet. Vicky's repetitive denial makes Rumi marry Robbie and their bittersweet relationship begins.

The first half is predictable and it is the second half where the audience's curiosity reaches the peak. What now? Will the emotional past affect the present and a lot of questions are answered by the end which leaves us with the question. The only unreal characterization we felt was of Abhishek as Robbie as no one would ever marry a girl even after knowing the complexity of her current relationship. Although performance wise Abhishek shines with his honest act and the love is portrayed quite beautifully by the trio. Vicky and Taapsee are energetic and fiery with their act of madness. Overall the film holds you right on the edge of your seat but that's not enough.

The best part of the film is its music which is soulfully enduring and placed rightly into the narrative. The Punjabi tadka was much needed and the songs accomplished it. Most of the songs are rushed and incomplete especially the one which we were looking forward to 'F For Fyaar' is just embedded in the background and not played fully. The most connecting number from the film is definitely 'Daryaa' that showcases Robbie gazing about a decision to make, a conclusion to arrive but he is unable to. He asks Rumi whether she loves him? to which she replies ''Pyaar nahi hain na toh ho jaega.'' Composed by Amit Trivedi, the song is intense and showcases the tense narrative of this complex relationship. The peppy number 'Dhayaanchand' is what stays with you full of energy as Vicky tries to impress Rumi with his mad dance steps. While the rest of the songs are just an emotional attyachar, to sum up with. 

Anurag Kashyap's direction and Kanika Dhillon's writing blends quite well and the reason is these characters are so close to reality. Locations are picked smartly and the backdrop of Amritsar is shot cinematically and we also have a glimpse of the beautiful Golden Temple that is captivating. Anurag loves film closer to reality and the end leaves you baffled when you see a fictional touch to it.

Overall a lot of scenes from the film makes no sense but the performances are what makes you visit silver screen. Its a big thumbs up for Mannmarziyaan. 

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