Simple story put forth with superb efforts to a great result...

"Lakadi ki kaathi, kaathi pe ghoda...ghode ki dum pe jo maara hathoda..."- One of my favourite songs till date from the film Masoom, after watching which I made my parents buy me a "Lakdi ka Ghoda" (Wooden Horse). Masoom means innocent, just like this movie Shekhar Kapur's movie which shows innocence not just because there are kids in it, but also because of all the raw, heart-felt emotions expressed throughout the movie.


One mistake, one wrong decision or one thoughtless act can change someone's lives forever. DK Malhotra i.e. DK (Naseeruddin Shah) does something like that in the early does of his marriage. But that day was a mistake, he agrees and over the years his guilt has vanished into oblivion. Now DK has a happy family with a loving wife- Indu (Shabana Azmi) and his two loving daughters- Minni (Aradhana) and Pinky (Urmila Matondkar). But you cannot just commit a mistake and not pay for it, right? His past comes back to haunt him in the form of young Rahul (Jugal Hansraj). Bhavana (Supriya Pathak), Rahul's mother has encountered sudden death and the poor kid is orphaned. But why does DK bring him home? Well that is what everyone at home wonders. Rahul is DK's "mistake" and this knowledge makes Indu furious. Every time she looks at Rahul, she can see her husband's disloyalty in him but she gets confused because it is not even this child's mistake. Rahul is completely unaware of this situation and he enjoys his new found home. All he wants and expects is love. Minni & Pinky get extremely attached to this little boy but their mother's coldness towards him confuses them and hurts Rahul. Unable to stand the tensions in the house, DK decides to send Rahul to a far-off boarding school. Will Rahul ever know who his real father is? What will happen if he comes to know this?


The movie is so beautiful in every sense- Excellent casting, good music, and what accurate depiction of emotions by everyone! Rahul's confusion and his constant attempts at pleasing his mother, Indu's motherly instincts on one hand and her disgust for the boy & her husband on the other hand, the girls' love towards their parents and for Rahul-a stranger in their lives and DK's turmoil, his guilt and his realisation that he has to pay for his mistakes at the cost of his happy life... Everyone has done their parts accurately.


The music by R. D. Burman, is without any doubt, superb. Right from Shabana's Lullaby to the melodious Huzur Is Kadar... All songs strike a chord with your heart.


Movies with such themes have been made but with none, such elan. Overall, the movie is a very beautiful, simplistic yet poignant. Don't miss it.

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