The best 'emotional' flick

'Mastana' is a story about the relationship of a 5-year old rich girl and a poor man in his early 40's. The girl has been alienated by her wealthy snobbish parents and she is essentially being raised by her governess. She gets lost in the middle of a rainstorm where she comes across a hut where Mehmood lives and is hanging himself to death. After interacting with this child, he finds a reason to live. He finds an emotional attachment with the girl.


This classic emotional film has been picturized very carefully and beautifully. Mehmood Ali was at his best. He has enacted the emotional scenes in such a manner that it fills the viewer's heart and eyes. Also, the characterization of the child is really good. The emotions expressed by the child during the 'Parents Day' event in school, brings tears in the eyes. The innocence and loneliness in the child's eyes are so real that you cannot stop watching her. Vinod Khanna has shown little performance as a police officer and does complete justice to his character.


The music is by the legends like Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Mukesh and Mohammad Rafi and so it has to be good. Lyricist Anand Bakshi has put in life to the entire scenario with his meaningful words. 'Maine Maa Ko Dekha Hai’ is the best of the all. The song is full of live, innocence, love and emotions. Also, 'Chhed Mere Humrahi' is a fantastic one. 'Soyee Ja Tara' became a hit and a lullaby song for mothers to make their children sleep. The music was as good as the picturization and acting, which is a perfect blend. So it came out as the best and heart touching movie of its time.


This classic is known to have a simple yet best climax. In the end, Mehmood comes with balloons and toys to see the child and he hears that the Nain-Tara is struggling for his life. The continuation of the scene where he drops all toys and balloons on the floor and runs quickly to see her brings tears in the eyes.


It is an emotional and tearjerker movie and definitely a treat for all Mehmood fans.

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