Maximum makes a minimum impression...

Make way for encounter specialists Pratap Pandit and Arun Inamdar as they are in their MAXIMUM spirits in the race to become the #1 encounter specialist in the city of Mumbai. Who wins? Seriously speaking, neither the protagonists nor the entire movie.


Kabeer Kaushik's Maximum is about the power struggles between the cop, Pandit (Sonu Sood) and the jealous ATS cop Inamdaar (Naseeruddin Shah). Pratap Pandit is an encounter cop of few words and many bullets. He is a righteous family man to Supriya (Neha Dhupia), his wife, and daughter. His professional excellence leads to a jealous rivalry with the ATS cop Arun Inamdar, his boss. There is also the soft spoken minister Mrityunjay Tewari (Vinay Pathak) and also an ambitious journalist Ashwin Singh (Amit Sadh).


The concept of the film is not new, just that they have made it more mediocre, when compared to similar concepts like Ab Tak Chappan and Shoot Out at Lokhandwala. Sonu Sood gets most of the screen presence and gives a decent performance. But the weak script does not compliment his act. Naseeruddin Shah establishes himself in his negative role. Neha Dhupia as the saree clad decent housewife, for a change, looks better and gives a commendable performance in her very short role. Lyricist Swanand Kirkire makes his acting debut as Pandit's accomplice and qualifies for a strong supporting character.


Kabeer Kaushik fails to impress with his direction supported by a weak script and sad screenplay. He must have taken real instances from life to establish the movie, but he fails in his execution.


The music is also not worth commenting about, including the item number Aa ante Amalapuram (which was one of the hit numbers down South). Even Hazel Keech's semi clad appearance doesn't help.


All in all, the Maximum effort of the crew paved way for an average performance. 

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