A perfect family vehicle!!!

Yash Raj Films has been churning out a lot of new talents recently, one of the reasons why we were super excited to watch 'Mere Dad Ki Maruti'. Every teenager, especially boys, must have been excited about laying their hands on their dad's car, taking it out for a drive with their friends and this is the basic storyline.

The movie is based in Chandigarh where a 'big fat Punjabi wedding' is about to take place and the loud Punjabi dad is busy swearing his teenage son whom he calls 'Ulloo Ka Patha'. Things go a little out of control and the 'dad ki maruti' goes missing. Then starts all the chaos and confusion.

Director Ashima Chibber has tried to keep the movie simple and tried to make it as flavorful as possible by adding some Punjabi Masala. Writer Shreyansh Agarwal has kept the story simple and sweet and very real.

Screenplay is written by trio - Neeraj Udhwani, Pooja Desai and Ashima Chibber. They have done a stupendous job as they bring around lively characters and gripping situations. Music by Sachin Gupta is in sync with the movie, especially the song 'Punjabi Di Battery' which is the background score and it adds energy to most of the tricky situations in the movie.

Lead actor Saqib Saleem is simply superb as he has taken a giant stride from his debut movie 'Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge'. The actor has great comic timing and is all set for a bright future in Bollywood. Prabal Panjabi plays the perfect buddy in the movie who adds synergy to the lead actor. In fact the movie is fun to watch because of the awesome chemistry Saqib and Prabal share. The two buddies try to be cool and use funny lingo like 'GF, BF and Defo for definitely'.

Rhea Chakraborty makes a great debut; a Punjabi girl who likes to be called 'Jazzleen' instead of 'Jasleen', speaks the perfect Pinglish and is silly in a very funny way. Ram Kapoor plays the perfect penny pincher 'Punjabi baap', who loves his kids, but has no qualms of abusing his son in public.

Ravi Kissen is quite impressive as the 'chor bazaar car dealer', his voice modulation adds more punch to his character. Benazir Shaikh who plays the sister, is riotous when she breaks into a vulgar dance routine in the wedding song 'Hip Hip Hurrah'.

Ashima Chibber makes a perfect directorial debut as she manages to extract great performances from the cast and the situations are really hilarious in the movie.

Editor Antara Lahiri does a great job as she keeps the length of the movie just right and very gripping.

'Mere Dad Ki Maruti' is the perfect family vehicle. It's fast paced, loaded with great music so get on it and go for a 'joyful ride'.

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