You will fall in love with this cute couple. 

The makers of this film came with the most innovative and sweetest idea of releasing the trailer into five small chapters which showcased the lives of Abhimanyu and Bindu in a nutshell. The idea soon was a hit amongst the audience and people were waiting for this film to hit the theatres. Finally the d-day arrived and the film was released in the theatres. Most of the theatres were occupied by teenagers and opened up with an average response at the box-office.

As we already know that the film tells the story of Abhimanyu(Ayushmann Khurrana) and Bindu(Parineeti Chopra), it's not the typical girl-meets-boy love story which we see normally but somewhere has the essence of old-school romance. Abhimanyu is a writer by profession and writes all the fluff stories objectifying women. He is not interested in writing love stories which normally everybody writes. Residing in Mumbai, away from his hometown Kolkata, one day he returns to his hometown by falling prey to his parent's silly trick. While he lands in Kolkata, he also finds himself in the flashback of many things which were unfortunately left half-done. Lost in the memories, he decides to write a love story based on his precious time spent with Bindu. They have captured all the moments in cassettes which forms the base of Abhimanyu's book. Bindu and aspiring singer is a chirpy, bubbly girl who develops a passion for singing right from her childhood. With Abhi by her side always, she struggles hard to carve a niche for herself but ends up in failing on every attempt. Their relationship take many twists and turns and so does the movie as it travels from the flashback to the present and vice-versa.

It feels so fresh to see these two actors bonding so well throughout the film. What can we say about the multi-talented actor- singer Ayushmann, this boy looks so fresh and energetic and just nails it with his acting. Right from the perfect comedy timing to depicting the intense, hard-core emotions, this boy surely knows the trick of winning people's heart. Parineeti is just bang-on. The actress has done full justice to the character as she portrays the titular role and never disappoints you for a single minute while she is on the screen. The other cast like Abhi's parents and Bindu's father does not enjoy much screen presence but forms an integral part of the film.

Voila! This film is a treat to all the music lovers as the songs are just rocking. Right from the old ones to the new ones, you name it and they have it. Apart from grooving on the new songs like 'Yeh Jawaani Teri,' 'Afeemi,' 'Maana Ke Hum Yaar Nahi,' they groove on to old songs like 'Abhi Na Jao Chodkar,' and 'Meri pyaari Bindu.' The cinematography is so good and most of the film has captured the real essence of Kolkata and Mumbai too for some extent. The screenplay which travels smoothly sometimes seems confusing a bit. It would have been appreciable if the makers must have added English subtitles when the characters are speaking Bengali.

With an all new fresh pairing of Ayushmann and Parineeti, fantastic songs, good story-line and lots of funny moments, the film deserves a watch this weekend. Witness the magical relationship and reminisce yours with this cute couple in the theatres near you. 

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