Chirag himself is uncomfortable and Kangna makes others uncomfortable...

Neither were the songs good, nor did the promos look very impressive but one shouldn't judge anything by its cover... But some people just don't deserve this chance. These will be your sentiments after watching Tanveer Khan's Miley Naa Miley Hum.


Chirag (Chirag Paswan) is caught up between his divorced parents and his future. When they got divorced, they shared Chirag's custody which made him stay with mommy dearest for a while and daddy dearest for some time. It is then and there that he vows to unite his parents one day and this dream doesn't dissipate with his growing up (or maybe this child never really has grown up since he cannot accept the fact that his parents can't stand each other). On one hand he wants to become a tennis champion as it is his father's dream, while on the other hand he also helps his mother handle her business empire. Wait... I should probably cut the story short. So these parents select brides for their son of their choices and he obviously rejects all of them. Why? Because "maybe" even he has a girlfriend! Who? Ummm... there, that girl in the ad on that truck! Who is this girl? No clue. (Really, I am not being sarcastic, that is exactly how he finds the girl of his dreams... lucky him!). So the parents individually find out the girl- Anishka (Kangna Ranaut), a wannabe model, and threaten to destroy her if she doesn't leave her son alone (So basically the parents find the whereabouts of his "girlfriend" before him...nice!).


Chirag meets this girl, pays her to act like his girlfriend for a while and ends up falling in love with her. What happens next? Obviously, later they get married, the parents re-unite, he becomes a tennis champion (and maybe even the animals & the birds start talking) and the world is a happy place again. The end.


The movie is horrible, to say the least. The story is absurd and not even remotely touching or emotional. Chirag's friend's part is added only 'coz every romantic movie hero has to have a best friend who is his friend, philosopher, and guide. Chirag, as a newcomer probably could've gotten away if he had even an ounce of spark. The boy appears too conscious as if he is uncomfortable in his own skin. His voice modulation is good but it doesn't match his actions and expressions (he doesn't have any expressions). "Listen (to be pronounced as 'Lee-son'), I want to make my Career (to be pronounced as Ka-rear) in Tennis," is what he says and you know that he definitely needs some diction practice along with Kangna Ranaut. And seriously, she should quit comedy and stick to what she does best... scream and act, like a depressed, sad woman. Sagarika Ghatge (who also cannot act much) is wasted and so is Suresh Menon. Kabir Bedi and Poonam Dhillon as Chirag's parents are decent enough.


Nothing about the movie clicks or is even remotely interesting. Here is to saving you from watching this one. Cheers!

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