This Mirch is hot... Good stuff!

Director Vinay Shukla delves into the world of adulterous women defining their sexualities in 4 different, witty distinctive stories, with a fifth one which connects them all together. These stories foray into the world of eroticism and also deal with the subject of gender equality in a relationship.


Many films of the past have tried to deal with the subject of adultery and the men cheating on their wives. However, the perpetrators have always been caught red handed only to come back to their faithful spouses in the end. For a change, the women in MIRCH are into adultery and Mirch has women dabbling into adulterous activities without getting caught. They are the ones who are cheating on their husbands and in each of those stories the woman manages to go scot-free when caught red-handed with her lover. The erotic scenes aren't vulgar and the issues dealt with are mainly that of emancipation of women.


There is no doubt that this subject is serious but the elements of fun and comedy in this film, turn it into some sort of a sex- comedy where the female libido becomes the subject of discussion and main focus of the film in a humorous way. In the director's words its a "celebration of womanhood" and the treatment of female sexuality in the film, is food for thought and the audience gets a different perspective to this otherwise controversial subject. The promos which were aired before the release of the film, came as a surprise to most people with some eye-popping lovemaking scenes and the movie certainly doesn't disappoint in the first two stories though second two are not as interesting. What needs to be appreciated is the fact that Vinay Shukla presents a serious issue, which is adultery, in a light-hearted manner. In fact, not once do you feel that he is trying to make a serious issue of femininity or sexuality. There are a few love-making scenes, but they have been aesthetically shot. Nothing sleazy about them. But, the writing in the pre-interval portions is excellent, with the narrative keeping the viewer engrossed, it's the screenplay in the post-interval portions that doesn't live up to one's expectations.


The film gets a tad tedious after the interval and somewhat slow towards the end.


Maanav (Arunoday Singh) a scriptwriter suggests a Panchatantra tale of an adulterous female(Raima) who gets saved even when she's caught red-handed with her lover to the Producer Nitin (Sushant Singh) who was introduced by Konkona Sen Sharma and then he creates three more stories on a similar theme and weaves all the stories together, in the end. "MIRCH" stars some of the best names in the business. Konkona is excellent, Raima conveys so much through her extremely expressive eyes, Shahana is wonderful and Ila Arun gives a first-rate performance. A major part of the film is placed on Arunoday Singh's broad shoulders and he stands tall with a natural, likable act. Sushant Singh is perfect, Shreyas Talpade is sincere, Rajpal Yadav is earnest, Boman Irani is just right, Prem Chopra is flawless and Tisca Chopra is fiery. Saurabh Shukla shines in a brief role. On the whole, MIRCH blends the serious issue of gender equality with the comic flavor of the film well, at least in the first half. But it's the post-interval portions that act as a bit of a downer and thus, makes this Mirch less spicy. The music is strictly OK with "Badra" being the best track in the film.


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