Film has aced in all departments.

The biggest launch of 2016, Mirzya starring Anil Kapoor's son Harshvardhan Kapoor along with the very stunning Saiyami Kher saw the light of the day. Mirza Sahibaan is a folklore very popular and no matter how many times you hear the story or watch any of the older films based on it, you would never get bored of it. What's more interesting about the latest adaptation were Mehra's signature intercuts that he has successfully managed in 'Rang De Basanti' and were the reason behind the film outshining all the other Bhagat Singh stories that Bollywood has produced. What's more inviting is the Gulzar Saab has made a comeback with the screenplay.

Now, if you are a hardcore romantic, Gulzar Saab's poetic narration and Shankar Ehsaan Loy's scintillating music, are reasons enough for you to grab a ticket to this one. However, we felt that the romance per se wasn't enough to call this a love story. Mehra is exceptional in his technique and portrays the story well. Gulzar's narration is well done as well. But somehow the film, the essence of it got lost in the making.

For Kapoor and Kher, we believe there couldn't be a better launch as Mehra brings out the best in them, he has created a showreel of sorts for both of them and they stand just right on whatever was given to them. That said, though individually they are good, the chemistry is something that needed more salt. However, we are sure we are going to see them much more on the silver screen and will see other facets of their personalities soon.

The supporting cast is stronger with actors like Om Puri, K K Raina, Anjali Patil or Aarti Malik, each one added value to the screen. We especially loved Anuj Chowdhary, who played the game head on despite the challenging quick character sketch.

Technically speaking, the film is an ace in all departments. There are flaws that are very miniscule in nature and can be totally ignored. With not very good movies currently playing, Mirzya is not a bad watch.

Go for it!!! 

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